Nine Suns Release

Got an email today about Nine Suns 2015 release. Wanted to confirm this is the red blend right?

Does anyone know any details? Is Sam Kaplan still the winemaker over there?


It looks like this is the red blend. The email I got today says the release is October 30.

Sam Kaplan has moved on. Philippe Melka is now the consulting winemaker with their resident winemaker, Lloyd Matthews.

Just out of curiosity, have you had it before? I couldn’t find much tasting notes on recent vintages.

2015 is indeed the blend. Sam was on this vintage from start to finish.

I haven’t had the 2015, but hope to try it up in Napa in mid October.

I have had the '11,'12,'13,'14, and 2016 100% Cabernet and every single one is delicious, IMO.

I have only had the 2012 and 2013. I thought they were both good. It’s on one of those sites that should consistently do pretty well within Napa. In a recent tasting of 2012s, I preferred some of the other Pritchard Hill area wines to this one in blind side by side.

Very surprised they went the Melka route. Everything Jason ever said was how he never wanted a consulting winemaker, and how he never wanted Nine Suns to be about the name-brand winemaker first. And that was just about 1.5 years ago.

I had heard that before from him.

This is pure speculation- but perhaps Sam moved on and they were left with no choice but to replace him? I know Sam is heavily involved with Memento Mori and Arkenstone, and with him starting up his new label MAXEM, maybe his plate was too full to keep Nine Suns?

i know jason didnt want his winemakers working on any other projects (even their own); i’m guessing sam didn’t want to be tied exclusively to Nine Suns and they parted ways. for jason to then replace him with melka, who must have upwards of 40 projects, is a real head scratcher.

It will be interesting to compare Melka’s work at NS with that of Gandona- both are on PHill and probably about a mile or so from each other…

Got the postcard. Anyone know about the pricing of this release/past releases?

$750/3 bottle package plus shipping


$750 for the 2016 100% Cab?

I believe the release is for their Proprietary Red. They release they Cabernets in the Spring.

$300/per for the 2016 all cabernet. Steep entry price but the quality is there. Should be for three bones…

So the All Cab is being released next week?

2016 all cab next year, 2015 Red Blend next week.

Save the Date email notes on the Red Blend release next week!

Cabernet Sauvignon blend from HOUYI Vineyard

Lifted aromatics of blackberries, raspberries and red cherry delicately weaved with quintessential Pritchard Hill terroir characteristics of violets and sage. The prodigious heat of the 2015 growing season guided an early harvest and yielded a wine with a palate that displays beautiful purity, luxurious texture and a great potential for aging. "

Were you able to try the 2015 Red Blend?

No I have not, I was supposed to get over there on my recent Napa trip but time didn’t allow…