Nice / Marseille / Lyon

A non wine friend asked for a winery recommendation (to visit) in any of these areas? I have zero experience. Any suggestions?

@Russell_Faulkner any ideas?

Winery? No clue sorry.

Headed to Marseilles at the weekend though.

Thanks. Or any ideas nearby these areas.

From Lyon Beaujolais is quite easy. But I’ve never been to a winery in the south east. We don’t work with anyone down that far east either.


That’s a pretty large area.

Your friend has the entire Rhone valley to work with from Lyon.

Around Marseille there is the Luberon valley from rhone light, Cassis (which is beautiful) for light whites, and Bandol for red and rose.

I’ll let other’s comment on the Rhone bc while I love to drink it, I have not travelled there.

The Luberon is gorgeous and many wineries have an open tasting room. No particular place I would steer them towards, but it’s slightly before Lavendar season will bring everyone, so the valley will be relatively quiet. If they stay in boniuex, there are 4 vineyards within a 15 min drive.

In Cassis, the walk from the train to town is neither short nor long and you walk past the vineyards to the water. On the way to town is Dumon François which makes charming wines. When I was last the daughter had taken over for the father. It’s great. You can walk in.
On the hill above town is Clos Sainte-Magdeleine - well-known (KL), gorgeous and has good wine. Need an appointment there.

In Bandol, of course Domaine Tempier is where they should stop. Best to call ahead there. Beautiful place and family and of course the wines are world class.

I am not cool enough for the gold coast so don’t know much between Bandol and Nice

Closer to the Mediterranean: Clos St Joseph, Trévallon, Tempier.

North of there, you have the entire RhĂ´ne valley.

Heading to Nice and Marseille in June. Right now we are looking at Bandol (Château de Pibarnon, Château Pradeaux, and Tempier), and Cassis (Clos Sainte-Magdeleine and Domaine du Bagnol).

These are places I’ve marked that look interesting:

Thanks all!

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Make sure to visit the Calanques in Cassis. One of best picnics of my life!


Posted on a recent trip to Rhone/Lyon here in case useful!

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Thank you!

Last year my wife and I hit the Rhone on our way to Lyon from Provence. We did a day in Chateauneuf du Pape (had lunch, visit to Vieux Telegraphe) and walked around Hermitage (lookout from other side of the river, walked the vines of the hill, tasting at the coop). I made a post about it if you’re curious for a lot of detail beyond what you’re looking for.

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In Bandol, I had a wonderful visit a number of years ago at Chateau Pradeaux.

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I long time ago, but I visited Chapoutier and Vernay. Because a wine critic came through that morning, Chapoutier had their entire lineup available. I spent so long there that we didn’t get to the nearby Vahlrona factory to my wife’s chagrin.

Further south , Beaucastel did an interesting tour back then (don’t know know). So many choices, if they have a favorite Rhône produce, they could contact them.

Are there any wineries closer to Nice than Bandol that people like? It is a two hour drive each way to Bandol and not sure anyone else in our party but me thinks that is worth it for wine? Thanks!

I can’t think of anything closer but also within just over 2 hrs you have Rossese di Dolceacqua in Liguria. Really interesting and beautiful terraced vineyards. Might be easier to convince the group to go there as it provides the gorgeous views of the sea and a variation from France (not that France is bad.) You can probably take a train which will allow for a more relaxing experience. That whole stretch of coast is incredible.

Also within a couple hours you have Chateau Simone which is just a gorgeous area.
Cassis is also gorgeous and on the water but I imagine you may have tourist crowded problems in the summer.

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Rossese di Dolceacqua is about 1+ hour drive from Nice (I drove it last month). The train from Nice which is the cool commuter line that stretches all the way from St. Tropez or farther, has a final stop in Ventimiglia, the bustling Ligurian town right at the border, has the very lively Italian market and restaurants. From there, I don’t believe that there’s a train that connects north to the mountains where Rossese di Dolceacqua is. You’ll have to drive. It’s a pretty drive. The mountain-town of Apricale is a good stop for lunch and walkabout.

I’ll add that Lu Fran Callin is one of the better regional restaurant in old town Nice, as recommended by a couple of locals that we conversed with, where I found the restaurant scene to be very hit-and-miss.

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