Nice chardonnay 3 pack auction for Mendocino Fire Relief-Ended Thanks !

It has been difficult to watch the news lately as there has been so much tragedy. I have already auctioned off a beautiful bottle for the Sonoma County Resilience fund and contributed directly to someone’s Gofund me page who lost their home but it not enough. There are so many people suffering its heartbreaking. I therefore am going to keep auctioning off bottles for the cause until it hurts.

There has been tons of attention given to Napa and Sonoma as those are the largest most populated areas and are home to many of our favorite wineries. Nonetheless Mendocino has suffered tremendous devastation as well as Lake County. There are even fires in Sacramento and were in LA.

This time I am focusing on Mendocino as the recipient of 100% of the proceeds from this auction
The funds will go to Disaster Fund for Mendocino County which is part of the Community Foundation of Mendocino County. Here is a wonderful trio of chardonnays for your consideration:

1 bottle of 2012 Hanzell Sonoma Chardonnay
1 bottle of 2013 Dirty and Rowdy Alder Springs Chardonnay Alder Springs Mendocino County
1 bottle of 2014 Kutch Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains

The Kutch is unavailable at retail and has rave review from critics and board members alike
The Dirty and Rowdy is also currently not available at retail either

This auction starts now and ends at 12 midnight PST on Friday 10/20 No reserve $10 increments. Good Luck !







Bump… Ends in just over 10 hours… Still time to get your bids in for this nice little lot !

The auction ended at midnight. Thank you to all who participated. The winning bidder is Chris Seiber at $150. I will be contacting you shortly.

Thanks Jonathan. So very generous of you.

Jonathan, I sent you a Pm asking for the PayPal email address for you. Send it over and I’ll pay you.

Chris thanks for the reminder. I thought I had sent it to you but had a senior moment. I did just pm you so we should be set.