Nice article on the exploding craft beer scene in Brasil

In just a few short years, the craft beer scene, like many parts of the world, has exploded, especially in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Paranà. Nowadays, burgeoning Brazilian beer hounds are learning about things like hops (imagina!) and how to drink a beer for pleasure, not solely for thirst or inebriation. São Paulo now counts three microbreweries in the city (Cevejaria Nacional, Les 3 Brasseurs and Karavelle), one outrageously expensive imported beer bar (Brew Dog), several fantastic botecos with extensive craft beer menus (Aconchego Carioca, FrangÒ) and a bonafide beer geek bar/emporium (Emporio Alto de Pinheiros, or EAP for short) that has not only proved salvation for foreigners hailing from more beer-evolved countries, but for out-of-the-woodwork Brazilian hop heads as well.

When I was in Rio it was almost impossible to find anything other than crappy AmBev lagers.

When was that? Every supermarket has at least 50 choices of both domestic and imported craft beer and has for at least three years. This is from a shop in Botafogo:
Ev Beer Jack waiter copy 5.jpg

Every shop I went to had imported, but nothing interesting domestically. I looked. Perhaps I just chose all bad stores, but was very hard to find interesting domestic beer. Was about a year ago.

Where were you?