Nice article on Jesse Rodriguez: Wine Director at Addison

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Pretty interesting article. Hope he passes that Master Sommelier exam!

talked to him about it a couple weeks ago and he was studying hard and long. Wish him good luck–great guy.

I worked a couple of events with him back in 03…super nice guy.

I have reservations for the 12th, so I will probably miss him…again!

Wishing him a successful exam. [cheers.gif]

Otto, I remember you saying you’ve been to Addison multiple times but haven’t seen him once haha. He was working when I went. Very nice guy and the restaurant is one of my favorites.

Zhi, have you tried their 10 course menu? They offer it once in a while, they had it the last time I was there, right around Christmas time, but I passed. My problem is that I just can’t eat much, and I don’t want to be done after the 4th course. [wink.gif]

Stories like that remind me of what makes America great. Hope he gets all the way to MW.

Awesome. Jesse is a great guy and my fingers are crossed.