Nextbottle - retailer out of Oregon

Anybody know these guys? Two things (and a generic looking website) had me close the browser before researching,

  1. $5 handling fee ?!
  2. allow vintage substitution was pre-checked

Although a fee is ridiculous it still may be significantly cheaper depending on shipping quote.

“Previously Atlas Wine Sales”

Not sure if that means anything to anyone.

Is it possible that this is one of those retailers that has little or no inventory, but instead lists on its website wine that is listed by various local distributors, and if you order the wine, they will then place an order with a distributor?
Phil Jones

Nextbottle or Nextbottles?

If it’s Nextbottles, they list a good number of older vintages that aren’t going to be played on the internet unless they are in possession, or geared for bait. They also feature wines I’ve never heard of.

With regard to what Scott and Philip are saying, I placed two orders with Atlas when I first got into wine. They were the only retailer on wine searcher that had the wines in question. Each time I got an email back the next day saying they didn’t have the wine in stock.

Try calling them first before submitting an order.

on winesearcher they come up singular but the website is as you listed. It must be an outfit that just lists their catalog online and then checks to see if they can get it. I did find a page where they say it takes two to four days to confirm and that occasionally “catalog”prices may be wrong. Was looking for 16 Darnaud au fil du Temps which currently only has two listings, I really love the 15.

Probably right that it best just to pick up the phone with these guys.

I thought OR couldn’t ship out-of-state?

I think some have found workarounds for now (double ship) but of course that raises the costs.
I’ve also been told to send my own label. But I don’t have an account with f@d @x. No idea if that would make sense for occasional shipping, but Im assuming that’s not without risks either.