Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 2005, Need Some Input

I discovered Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered two years ago while visiting Albuquerque. Found the 2002 in a wine shop that did not have great temperature control. The wine at 6 years was excellent so I bought 2 more bottles to enjoy during that week.

Two years ago I decided to buy a case of the 2005. Cracked the first bottle last Sunday. Not so great. Almost like Chardonnay port. Did not hold its 15.5% alchohol well. Plus side, it was drinking better the next day although a bit too rich. Now I’m concerned with holding the other 11 bottles.

Any thoughts on this wine and winery would be appreciated.

Sorry, no experience with Newton. But this is a great case in point of why to never buy 11 bottle lots off Winebid!


I was never a huge fan of these wines, but the newer vintages are really not for me.

I think that production has really skyrocketed since the Parker ratings train left the station.

I was a BIG Newton Unfiltered Chard fan in the '90’s. They seemed to change the style with the '02 vintage, pushing the ripeness and oak. Still liked the '02 though but not as much as previous vintages. The '05 was a pretty big disapointment…

I got a bottle for Turkey Day '08, and I was sorely disappointed. WAY to over the top oak and buttered popcorn. The inlaws loved it, but I wasn’t a fan at all in any capacity. No idea on how it garnered 96 pts from Uncle Bob. FWIW, still bins full of it at Costco in these parts.


Agreed, the beginning of the end for likeability, but the beginning for sales.

FYI, I had a 1990 a couple of years ago that was decent.

I’ve noticed the full bins at Costco also. A Napa white version of a Spoofilated Australian?

Interesting to compare this to the 2006 Clos Salomon Montagny Le Clou drank last night. Each sip invited me to drink. Easily has 1-3 years left. What a joy.

I’ll be a bit of a contrarian and say that I did enjoy the bottle I had in Spring '08, but I gave it a lot of decant time in the fridge, and I’m betting some of the enjoyment was from the first ribeyes of the season with a good friend and a great sunset. At the time it hit me like a Zind Humbrecht gewurz in terms of fragrance but less sticky on the palate. I also probably wouldn’t get another as i generally like Mt. Eden’s style (especially for aging) if I’m going big Cali Chard, which I very rarely do. Was more for the friend than me, and he brought some killer meat. Definitely a steak house Chard, where the viscosity is a plus.

I only drink this with lobster dipped in butter in the summer, mainly because my father loves it. It can stand up to that meal pretty well. Otherwise, its too big and overdone.

The first ( and last ) time I tried this was probably at least 8 years ago when I was managing a bar. The rep was raving about it, but I couldn’t stand it. One of those over the top, too high pH wines that really tire my mouth.