Newfound Wines Release - LIVE Now!!

★The Offer is LIVE Now!! ★

From the “Save the Date” email from Newfound Wines:

"Fall Release This Friday (Yesterday?)

"This Friday at 10:00am PST small quantities of our ‘Yount Mill’ Semillon and ‘Scaggs Vineyard’ Counoise & Syrah* will be made available to those who have signed up on our list. We have done our best to appropriately allocate this round of wines to all of our initial supporters and the many new list members that missed out on the first release.

"Weather permitting, we expect the wines to ship the week of October 15th.

"We THANK YOU all for the interest and support of our small production. This has been one busy week of planting, picking, making, and now selling and we couldn’t do it with out you.

"Stay tuned.

“Matt, Audra, Jonathan”

Newfound Wines website:

Yount Mill Vineyard” & “Scaggs Vineyard” Information:


"2017 Newfound Semillon, ‘Yount Mill Vineyard’, Napa Valley:100% whole cluster pressed.
1 x 700L concrete egg (30%) / Stainless (70%).
Alcohol: 11.5%.
Harvest date: August 27th.
147 cases produced.

• "2017 Newfound Counoise, ‘Scaggs Vineyard’,
Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley:

100% whole cluster fermentation.
2 x stainless barrels / 1 neutral oak barrique.
Alcohol: 11.5%.
Harvest date: September 25th.
76 cases produced.

• “2016 Newfound Syrah, ‘Scaggs Vineyard’,
Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley:

100% whole cluster fermentation.
1 x Neutral Barrique.
Alcohol: 13.1%.
Harvest date: September 9th.
26 cases produced.

Any experience with these Drew?

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I have not tasted the wines yet, but the Rhône plantings on Mt Veeder’s “Scaggs Vineyard” are screaming to be tried!

The alcohol levels are reigned-in, and I have only read positive TN’s so far, so I can only imagine that this stuff’s going to be solid!

I’ve drank and posted on the 16 Mourvedre and Grenache. I’ll be buying Semillon for sure.

Update: bought all Semillon and a Syrah for science.

I just checked the website and the offer is LIVE Now!

Met Matt and Audra at a dinner in San Diego a few months ago. Great folks and enjoyed the Grenache, Semillon and Counoise, but the latter two made a great impression. Had been eagerly waiting for this offer and am in for 3 each of the Sem and Counoise. At $26 and $30 a no-brainer!

Thanks for the info, Steve!!!

I have not tasted many 100% Counoise wines (my first was from McCrea Cellars - the “Ciel du Cheval Vineyard” in Red Mountain area of Washington).

Can you please share any tasting impressions of the style of the Newfound Mt Veeder “Scaggs Vineyard” Counoise?

More Details from the September 28th Newfound Wines Email:

"…We have just three wines in our current offering but they surely do not lack for character or diversity.

"2017 Newfound Semillon, Yount Mill Vineyard, Napa Valley

"Lying just north of the town of Yountville, we source a small amount of Semillon from the organically farmed ‘Yount Mill Vineyard’. This historical site is currently owned by Andy Hoxsey, the 4th generation in a family of Napa Valley wine growers that dates back to 1903. We’re fortunate to receive grapes from the last head-trained, dry-farmed block that remains on the ‘Yount Mill Ranch’, planted by Andy’s grandfather, Andrew Pelissa, in 1962.

"Semillon is responsible for many of the world’s great white wines hailing from Bordeaux and the Hunter Valley in Australia. In Bordeaux, it’s often blended with Sauvignon Blanc, while in Australia, bottled on its own. Here in Northern California, we’re proud to be part of a small group of producers that have embraced Semillon’s unique individuality.

"The ‘Yount Mill Semillon tends to ripen fast and ripen early offering a’ very short picking window at harvest. In 2017 we picked a small 2 tons on August 27th at a potential alcohol of 11.5 degrees. The grapes were whole cluster pressed, fermented with native yeasts and aged in a combination of concrete eggs and stainless steel. Bottling occurred in April. This Semillon unites texture and savoriness with minerality and bright clarity. It’s low in alcohol but not in impact and we simply love this wine.

"2017 Newfound Counoise, Scaggs Vineyard, Napa Valley

"The ‘Scaggs Vineyard’ Counoise comprises just four vine rows on the property. Counoise is a rarity in its homeland - the South of France - and all but non-existent in the Napa Valley. It’s typically seen as a blending grape that offers an aromatic lift and a fresh tang to the often-heavier handed Grenache and Mourvèdre. On the vine, Counoise wants prolific yields and loves to set a heavy crop. Fortunately there’s only 4 rows and we made just 2 barrels. Much to our liking, it carries some similarity to Gamay, a varietal we love for its fruit driven simplicity and immediacy. There’s no sense in seeking something overly complex here as the beauty is in its unfussiness. The color is pale, the perfume is floral, the palate is sharp and best enjoyed with a slight chill.

"2016 Newfound Syrah, ‘Scaggs Vineyard’, Napa Valley

"In 1998 a friend brought Boz Syrah cuttings from Lee Hudson’s famed ranch in the Carneros district of Napa Valley. After receiving the cuttings, Boz did what any normal person with vine cuttings and land in the Napa Valley would do…he stuck them in the ground and planted a vineyard. This tiny hillside block is steeply sloped and eastern facing and yields less than two tons an acre on average. In 2016 we made a whopping 26 cases (that’s one barrel) and we were quite happy with the quality of the vintage. The wine was treated much like it’s Northern Rhone brethren - whole cluster, foot-tread once a day and aged for one year in the cellar before bottling. We find the ‘Scaggs’ Syrah quite typical in its profile; meaty and full with aromas of ripe figs and green peppercorns. There’s concentration but also an effortlessness to the palate that we admire.

"It goes without saying that we take pride in each of these offerings. Every wine is unfined, unfiltered, and hand waxed. We believe these techniques are essential to maintaining the integrity and highest quality of the wines.

"…Order Detail & Shipping Information

"Small quantities were produced and the wines will be sold exclusively to our mailing list and a handful of our favorite restaurants. That said, we’ve done our best to appropriately allocate the wines for all to enjoy. However, the allocations are not guaranteed and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

"For those that purchase, we plan to ship our first orders out the week of October 15th. Regular shipping rates apply for 1-5 bottle purchases and all purchases of 6 bottles or more include complementary ground UPS shipping. For local orders, we have decided to use GSO. For 1-5 bottle purchases, $20 flat rate shipping will apply. Complementary shipping applied for 6 bottle purchases or more. If you have specific shipping requirements please make note of them at the time of purchase. These shipping instructions are related exclusively to those who reside in the United States.

“We hope you enjoy our efforts -
Matt, Audra, & Jonathan”

Newfound Wines website:

As I mentioned in the other thread Drew referenced, this is one of the only Mailing Lists I’m on. Fantastic wines.

Thanks, Mike!! [berserker.gif]