Newborn Celebration Champagne

We had the 2007 Bollinger La Grande Annee with our first son in 2018.

This June was 2010 Dom Perignon for our second son.

Both were delicious (the Bollinger was especially memorable). I’ve kept the bottles as treasured mementos in my office.


Congratulations! There are no wrong choices here. Sometimes it’s more important to make a decision than to try to make the “right” decision. :slight_smile:

I think your child will eventually figure out that y’all had sex. That’s a tough surprise to hide.

Congrats on your third. You really can’t go wrong with 08 Dom if you don’t want to go get anything else. 08 Cristal is exceptional and 08 Comtes is exceptional.

We did vintage Krug for our similar celebrations and it became a bit of a tradition for our three. It’s a fun tradition. 95, 96, 98 for my three lil dudes.

Congrats! Our third is arriving in a few weeks and we plan on popping some '08 Dom…life is about to get real!

We ended up with a baby boy a few days ago and have ‘08 Comtes queued up for the weekend. Of course I bought one for the celebration and a few for the cellar.


My daughter had Krug 163 as her first liquid after mother’s milk.

Congrats and great choice!

Congratulations!! champagne.gif

Mine is an '08 so we have '08 Comtes for his birthyear. For the night of his birth, we had sushi with Gaston Chiquet Cuvee de Reserve. We love Chiquet’s wines so this was sentimental even if it wasn’t a Tete de Cuvee.

Congratulations on the family expansion!