Newborn Celebration Champagne

My wife is due with our third any day now and I’ve been tasked with picking out champagne for after the birth. Not only will this mark the birth of our child (we are keeping the sex a surprise) but also will be breaking a 9 month spell of my wife not drinking. Needless to say, there are few times in life where I don’t have a budget and this is one of them.

While I’m not opposed to drinking something in my cellar, I also would be okay sourcing a bottle or two. The celebration will just be the two of us, so I don’t need anything in case quantity but I if I am buying I’d like to get a second bottle as a back up.

Here is the short list out of my cellar for near appropriate things:
'08 Dom
NV Krug Rose
NV Krug
'07 Bollinger La Grande Annee
'14 Agrapart Avizoise
'14 Agrapart Mineral

Do you all have recommendations for either one of these bottles or something different? Keep in mind, that I am in PA, so shipping and availability is going to be a pain. But I’m open to suggestions!

And to hedge against the eventual questions that are going to come up: I’ve never met a champ I don’t like and am open to any grape or style. I generally tend toward lower dosage. I generally like mineral/citrus vs. oxidative/bready notes.


No False Dilemmas. All of the above.



Congratulations! Best wishes to you, your wife and the family.

Going from two to three for me was a big change. I’d say bigger than 0 to 1!
We became outnumbered and it was harder to play man-to man, and the shift to zone defense was an adjustment. Worked out well for all concerned, however.

I would start at the top of your list. The Dom '08 will be nice. If the wine does not live up to the occasion, then on to the Krug, etc.

My 2nd son was born last year this week on Sept. 2, 2020. We celebrated with the Dom 08 and it was a great choice.

If interested in my review from that day, I’m JustBreathe680 and posted my review on Cellar Tracker on 9/5/20.

Krug would be my 2nd choice and if it’s the 164 then it would be 1a and 1b with the Dom. However, all are great choices.

Good luck this week and Congratulations!

08 Taittinger CdC and congrats.

Came to write the same thing.

anything on your list will taste great to your wife. Congratulations in advance!

Tough decision. How do you know what the kid is going to like when you just met him/her? neener

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Congratulations to you and your wife! Of the above list and based on your criteria, I’d probably go with the Avizoise, but I’m sure it’s not the champagne you’ll remember most :slight_smile:


We just had our first and her first drink was Krug NV (w/ smoked salmon and goat cheese) and it was great!

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Given the bolded above, I’d go with either of the Agrapart. I find the Minéral more mineral than the Avizoise but both would be more mineral/citrus than the rest.

I went for Selosse Initiale with my last kid and she’s turned out to be a handful.

Mineral citrus suggests Taittinger. 1995 if you can find it 2008 if you can’t

I’m sure whatever you open will be both fantastic and utterly forgettable in context. Congratulations on a life-changing event!

It’s always that way for me.


Me too.

And you’re blaming the Champagne for that? champagne.gif

No, not Champagne, Selosse. With that train of thought, I blame Pascal Doquet.

Should we start a new thread: "Whose Champagne is responsible for your kid’s behaviour?

I’d say chill the two Krug, and if it’s a boy, drink the Brut, and if it’s a girl, drink the Rose. And then if you’re still thirsty, you can just pop the other one.


Congrats Tim!