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Welcome Berserkers and Happy BD14!

My deepest gratitude to Todd and the whole Wine Berserkers Crew who made all of this happen as we are thrilled to be participating in our very first BerserkerDay 14!

Yan is a passion project that I started in 2017 with a business plan sketched out on a napkin (after visiting sites from Lokoya and Dunn) mainly focusing on crafting wines to be shared with friends and family. Heavily inspired by my kids (Kenzo, born 2017 represents the Cab & Chloe, born 2019 represents the SB) with a goal in mind to hand over Yan to them and hopefully, many generations to come. Our key to success is to capture the purest expression from unique sites in Napa Valley while using the finest of the new world and old world artisan methods in unison with small yields, meticulous handling, heedful sorting and scrupulous blending. Please feel free to check our website at Yan Cellars

BD14 Exclusive Offer | up to 45% with free ground shipping

Minimum order: three (3) bottles to qualify for free shipping, any combination (mix & match) & no codes needed as discounts are already in place for BD14 (sales tax will apply)

2017 Yan Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain
Retail Price: $158 / BD14 Price: $XX

  • 94.75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc & 1.25% Merlot
  • 14.5% ABV
  • 3.79 pH
  • 6.2 g/L TA
  • 26 months in 100% new French oak
  • Clone 7 on 5C Rootstock
  • Sedimentary and Volcanic Loam
  • Bi-Lateral Cordon, VSP (Vertical Shoot Positioning)
  • 50 cases

2019 Yan Sauvignon Blanc Blush
Retail Price: $55 / BD14 Price: $XX

  • 98.5% Sauvignon Blanc & 1.5% Cabernet Sauvignon from GIII
  • 13.5% ABV
  • 3.32 pH
  • 6.8 g/L TA
  • 12 months in neutral French oak and stainless-steel barrels
  • Clone 14 on 3309 & St. George Rootstock
  • Heavy Clay Loam
  • Uni-Lateral Cordon, VSP (Vertical-Shoot Positioning)
  • 25 cases

To acquire, please visit Yan

We ship to most of the states with the exceptions below:


All wines will be shipped via FedEx ground when weather permits. Should you have any questions/suggestions/instructions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at taste@yancellars.com

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to sharing our wines with you all!

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It would definitely be lovely seeing all those posts/stories from fellow Berserkers! Big Cheers Berserker Family!

I’m a wannabe wine taster – riding the bench behind Parker, Tanzer and Suckling, hoping for my chance, but not sure if I’m ready. It is late in the fourth quarter, and to my surprise, Coach Todd calls out for a fourth string cab taster and sends me in.

My job, provide tasting notes for the 2017 Yan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. Okay, I got this, cabernet blend, mountain fruit, I’ve been training for this moment my entire wine drinking career. But wait, there’s also a 2019 Yan Sauvignon Blanc Blush in the mix. I feel some panic … I’m not much of a white wine drinker.

In any event, ready or not, here I go:

2017 Yan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

First some background. I’m advised that the 2017 Yan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from the Fern Rock Vineyard which is located on the western side of the Mayacamas Mountains, and the vines were planted in 1993. The vineyard is located in a cool climate with slopes ranging between 600 to 2600 feet above sea level and has soils comprising of volcanic and sedimentary rock.

Yan Cellars is a small boutique winery crafting wines from esteemed vineyard sites in Napa Valley. Yan is owned by Eugene Bayani, and Patrick Saboe is the winemaker. The 2017 Yan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is their first vintage and production was limited to 600 bottles.

The bottles arrive Wednesday via fed-x ground after a cross country trek to the east coast. Eugene recommends a 6 plus hour decant. On Saturday afternoon, I open the cabernet and pour into a Glasvin Decanter. Initial impressions of the nose – rich aromas of dark mountain fruit with scents of floral and oak. At 5 hours I pour a sip into a Zalto Bordeaux Glass to try, but still closed. At 6 hours I taste again, this time paired with a tenderloin steak. My notes – powerful, tangy tartness/acidity, intense but well-balanced, medium to dark cherry notes with subtle spice, smooth mouth feel with some depth and complexity, nice beam of fruit leading to a savory finish. I enjoy two glasses and save the rest for day two as Eugene recommends. On Sunday evening I finish the remainder, with no appreciable changes noted.

This is clearly a well-made wine, and I’m impressed at the strong showing given the cross-country journey and little time to rest. The blend is 94.75% cabernet, 2% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet France and 1.25% Merlot, and is aged 26 months in 100% new French oak. The fruit and tannins are nicely integrated, notwithstanding the 14.5% alcohol level. I think this can be enjoyed now with proper decant, but will greatly benefit from a few additional years aging. Overall a very good wine, with potential for substantial upside, and one that should appeal to anyone who appreciates mountain fruit/meritage style. Congratulations to Eugene and Patrick on an outstanding first vintage, and thank you for the opportunity to taste.

2019 Yan Sauvignon Blanc Blush

First, the crib notes. The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc Blush was produced from Napa Valley fruit; 98.5% Sauvignon Blanc and 1.5% Cabernet Sauvignon from Beckstoffer Georges III vineyard. It is aged for 12 months in neutral French oak and stainless steel barrels.

Saturday evening. Opened and poured into a Zalto Universal Glass. On the nose – citrus notes, hints of pear, peach and apricot. Translucent pinkish-orange in color. Very pleasing to taste - light, dry and crisp finish. I finish a glass and save the remainder. Day two I give it another go. My notes – this is really shining, citrus again and a mix of orange/lemon, apricot and grapefruit, bright bouquet, light and refreshing on the palate with a tangy finish. Could not stop tasting, really enjoyable and with a much richer nose and depth of flavors than day one.

I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed this wine, particularly on day two. Perhaps the 1.5% cabernet is the special sauce to lure in the dedicated red wine drinkers. I suspect this was all part of Todd’s evil plan to cause me to double my wine spending on Berserker Day – but I digress. In conclusion, and with apologies for my limited white wine knowledge, I thought this was a really good wine. Well done and thank you again Eugene.

PS – I’m a Monopole Crü member, and both of these wines were provided to me at no cost for purposes of providing tasting notes under the “Newbie Taster” program.

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It was a pleasure to taste two wines from Yan Cellars (https://yancellars.com/), generously supplied by winery owner Eugene Bayani, as a Monopole Crü “Newbie taster.”

Eugene’s winemaker is Patrick Saboe, based in Petaluma.

We first got into his 2019 Yan “Sauvignon Blanc Blush.”

Specs: Napa Valley AVA.

Whole cluster pressed, primary fermentation in stainless-steel (85%) and concrete egg tanks (15%). Partial malolactic fermentation in barrel.

ABV 13.5%.

Natural cork closure.

Both the name and the wine’s color caused me to do a double-take. It is indeed on the slightly pink side. As it turns out, this is because of the interesting addition of 1.5% Cabernet Sauvignon…from Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard, of all places!

There’s a definite varietal hit up front. Gooseberry and lemon zest aromas are readily apparent. The acidity is bright and direct. The very small Cabernet addition works well here, giving the wine a touch of extra body and heft without getting in the way of the varietal characters. We had this at cool room temperature. My wife thought it ought to be slightly cooler, I liked it at room temp. This definitely tastes like Napa SB, with no oak in the mix. The lively acidity really carries this one. Would really be at home with seafood or cheeses, or a vegetable risotto.

We were joined by our knowledgeable neighbor Jim to get into the 2017 Yan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon.

Specs: Napa Valley, Spring Mountain, Fern Rock Vineyard.

94.75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc & 1.25% Merlot.

3-day cold soak, 9-day primary fermentation, ML in barrels.

Aging: 26 months in 100% new French oak.

ABV 14.5%

Natural cork closure.

This one shows as a serious Cabernet from the start. Dark color, almost opaque. On pop-and-pour, this showed firm tannins and some earthy notes, but was very tightly coiled. After a few sips, we elected to decant it (no sediment to speak of), and came back to it 4 hours later. (The winery recommends at least 6 hours! I didn’t get that advisory until after we’d tasted, though.). I’d have no hesitation giving this one a whole lot of air. At 5 years old, it’s still in its youth.

After our decant, we came back to it, and immediately loved the cocoa and earthy, loamy notes. There’s bright berry on the back end, and a leather bass note. With more air, some roasty/graphite aromas showed up. A pleasure just to smell it. The tannins are firm but medium overall.

This is no fruit bomb. There is a nice fruit component, but it’s in the mix, not up front.

We all noted the long finish, which was quite pleasurable.

Bottom line, this is a serious Cabernet that is all about mountain fruit character. It rewards aeration, and was a pleasure to go back to repeatedly over the course of a long evening. It should cellar just great…no hurry at all on this one.

A big thanks to Eugene and Todd for the opportunity to taste and enjoy these two well-made wines. If you take the opportunity to try them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you very much @mowen & @Nate_Simon for the wonderful notes! I am glad everything worked out in time! Gratitude to @ToddFrench for making it happen! :pray:

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Thank you very much @JAMESGALLAGHERJR ! Cheers!

I’m looking forward to trying your wines!

Can’t get the free shipping to pop up. Charging for ship on three bottles.

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Hi @Rob_Winn - I retriggered it again, kindly check if it works. Thank you!

Hi Roger - Thank you so much and I appreciate it!

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in for 4… if you can… I’d appreciate the john hancock of the kids on the wine bottles or any design work they desire…:slight
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Hi @NestorJohnSalazar ! Thank you and I will reach out to you soon on what can be done! :grinning:

I would have loved to try your wines, but alas you can’t/don’t ship to GA. Maybe next year.

Very intrigued by the Sauv Blush - excited to try it! I also love how clean & easy to order your website is


Hi Molly - Thank you for the kind words and I am excited for you to try our Blush! I have to give props on the G3 for giving that lovely hue! :grin:

Hi Thomas - I will keep this in mind and let our compliance team know. My apologies and thank you.

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In for three of the CS, and can’t wait to try one in a few years!

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Order in. Looking forward to trying these. thank you

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Hi @Brad_S_w_a_l_l_o_w thank you and good luck on keeping your hands away on these CS! :joy: