New York City Restaurants

I had lunch at Nubiani last Friday. Very good, heavily marbled beef and delicious soups. They really tried to oversell us on how much to order though (we ordered half of what they suggested, which was more than enough).

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Finally made my way to wenwen in Greenpoint yesterday to try their bdsm chicken and other dishes.

Ideal riesling food. Paired well with all types of riesling.

Started off with the numbing celtuce salad, lo ba beng, and water spinach w/ shrimp past which made a great start with the drier rieslings and the bdsm chicken and beef fat chili oil noodles worked great with a 98 auslese we brought.

$48/b corkage. Goblet-style wine glasses, so no the best stemware, I recommend bringing your own.

NB: they only do 5 BDSM chickens a day, so if you want to guarantee one you usually have to get there right when they open


Really excited to try this based on your IG posts.

And the Cake fee is $5 per person!

this is my kink!!

Going to 63 Clinton tomorrow night. Website doesn’t have the wine list; quick googling doesn’t find it.
Any intel or links on what their pairings/BTG/bottle list is - or is like?

It is a very good list. I like burgundy, riesling or champagne. The food is very intricate so I prefer a lighter wine.

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Made it back to the 4hrsmen.

Did walk up line given the 10:15pm peculiarity I mentioned above (thanks to the folks who gave their 2 cents).

I showed up 20mins early. There were 4 folks in front of me. By open, the line was packed and you weren’t getting in till maybe 7:30 (according to host).

Little bit of strange vibe on entry as most folks in line were anxious about if they would get in or not, but that bled off.

Staff were great. Food tasty. I went btg: a chilled red (Spain?) that fit a warmer day and a white Loire on the funkier side.


Their list is not published online. It’s a nicely sized list, with options in pretty much most major regions; but with a big focus on champagne and white burgundy. Also a solid, albeit compact, sake selection feat. the likes of Jikon, Kikuhime, and a few others.

Corkage is a bit pricey at $75/b, but with Glasvin stems and pretty good wine service I find it worth it on occasion.


At 63 Clinton, I’ve had good success discussing what I’m looking for with the somm team — they’ve pulled some options from their cellar that are not on the list.

Re:63 Clinton Given it’s a tasting menu - that is quite diverse - , do they offer a wine pairing? (happy to be put in somm’s hands)…or BTG program?

Yes, they have a BTG program. I don’t think they have a formal pairing, but they have paired glasses for us at least once in the past. Usually, we’ll get a bottle of white or bubbles and then a glass of red if the final savory courses call for it.

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63C does have a BTG program, though I almost never do BTG or pairings at restaurants so I can’t comment much on on it. Don’t think they have a formal pairing, albeit I’ve seen them offer it at some one time dinners they had like their yearly truffle dinner. Knowing the somm team team there though, I’m sure they will steer you in the right should you want to do BTG or pairing.

Popped into Frenchette tonight for dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten here, maybe pre Covid right after they won their Beard award.

No wait for the bar, food was flat out fantastic, tortellini and duck frites. BTG list was a bit thin, 2-3 whites and 2-3 reds, found stuff to work with but a bit disappointing. Bottle list was decently deep, more on the geeky side, fine by me but didn’t want to go for a bottle tonight.

Solid spot but gotta play the list, not BTG.

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Went to Chambers last night. Chef Cesar Ramirez happened to be having dinner at the bar, which was interesting.

New spring dishes are delicious - peas with parmesan and caramelized walnuts, escarole salad, and clams in this very delicate curry broth.

Chambers is becoming my favorite weeknight restaurant.

Going to Cosme tonight. Any recommendations?

Get the Duck! It is amazing.

Also Chef Cesar’s new spot is going to be in Tribeca…well close to Tribeca. 333 Hudson.

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Terrible news… a block away from my office. :slight_smile:

Also not too far from me.

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Going tonight. Very excited to try the new menu items. Thanks for the recs!

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63 clinton was excellent, the somm+wine director steered us right, to a great value 2020 anjou chenin, given my lack of $ for big burgs/fizz.

The standout on the menu was the hamachi, super sophisticated subtle, & elegant preparation. Close runners up were the spring chawanmushi and the hoji-aged ribeye; all symphonies of balanced flavors and textures, real classic “new american” seasonal small plate stuff, done absolutely exquisitely.

Highly recommend.


Noreetuh is one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had - in the world.

Huge thanks to @Rodrigo_B for introducing me to this. Went back for full dinner last week.

Had been on my “to hit list” for some time, but just never got around to it.

The food is not only delicious, but inventive. Sure, partially that’s bc I don’t eat a lot of this cuisine, but even if you do there is unique combination and eclecticism of flavors here you just don’t see on most menus. Also - it’s a deep menu.

It’s so good that is should be pretentious and Michelin, and blah blah. Could not be farther away from that.

The staff are passionate and have a hospitality that makes me feel like I’m in my own kitchen.

Space is great.

They know their wines. The list is good and has quality at every price point.

Scallop rice ball thing - perfectly balanced, lemon kiss, creamy, sweet finish
Uni bone marrow bread pudding - sex in the mouth
Cabbage - holy fuck never have eaten anything like this - wildly tasty - somehow fresh while also sauced and salted ?
Spicy pasta thing - zippy, embracing, perfect for the corners.
Veg on toast with egg - just great balance - playfully texture dance

In a super good spot right now.