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Check out post 481 re: grubstreet and BYO. edit 7/5/17. Update November 2022. I haven’t updated this thread since late 2019 / early 2020. Please call to see if the restaurant still offers BYO.

edit 2/26/14 Best BYOB Restaurants in NYC: Places You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol To - Thrillist

Please post restaurant name, address, corkage fee, and website, if available. A link would be helpful.

This thread will be updated regularly… with your help.


Check out this new website. They have information on over over 300 NYC BYO’s. Added 4/22/15. New York Wine Corkage Fees

Best BYOB Restaurants in NYC: Places You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol To - Thrillist Added 5/28/15

Check out this Chowhound thread from January 2010…""" It gives general reviews of restaurant wine lists in NYC.

I just found this NYC BYO site. New York Wine Corkage Fees edit 6/21/18
example > Peter Luger’s. Peter Luger Steak House | New York Wine Corkage Fees added 6/21/18


456 Shanghai Cuisine, on Mott Street in Chinatown. Corkage is free. Bring stems.

Aba Turkish near Carnegie Hall on West 57 st. No charge to BYO. edit 7/5/17

ABCV $40. 8/12/19

Ai Fiori Max of 2 bottles byo per table and we were charged $60 per bottle. Byo’d wine must not be on their online winelist, but different vintage of a producer in their list is OK to bring.

Aldea Corkage fee of $35 per.

American Cut in TriBeCa last night. Excellent meal. Paid $40 corkage and it was well worth it given the prices on the wine list. Two bottle limit per table and it can’t be a wine that’s on the list.

Aska $80 corkage. 2 bottle limit. Added 7/6/17

Atera $65 per bottle. 2 bottle limit.

Atla in the East Village. I didn’t BYO, but enjoyed our Mex-street-food-then-New-Yorked dinner. Very minimal wine list, as I recall 4 whites and 4 reds on the provided list, with about 30+ Mex-based cocktails being touted. I asked and was quoted $35 corkage per bottle. Stuck with beers and they worked well with the very bold-tasting dishes that we had. Admittedly don’t know what wines I’d drink with the very bold foods.

Atoboy, a newish Korean tapas restaurant in Flatiron, at $30 per bottle. Added Jan 2017
Decent stems and wine service, decanting options, and food is quite good, albeit in small portions.

Avant Garden E. Village. Corkage is $35. Vegan, very small storefront on 7th St near St. Marks. Small list of natural wines. Very nice service, good stems.

Avra Corkage $40.00 One of the best fish restaurants in NYC. edited 4/2019.

Bacchanal $35

Balthazar $35. Mag > $70. 6/2/19.

Balvanera, Spanish Tapas on LES, no corkage Mondays. Excellent! $25 other days.

BAP Korean barbecue and other dishes, Bap a newish restaurant in Murray Hill charged me $20 per bottle corkage. Nice ambiance plenty of dark woods all around with some modern amenities. added April 2019.

Benjamin Prime $45. 8/6/19

Benoit Bistro ( - $40 per bottle. edit 2/2016

Barbone in the East Village charges $25 per bottle.

Barolo East on East 49th street. $50 cork fee 4/30/19. $50 corkage edit 3/25/16.
Monday is no corkage - 1 bottle for every 2 guest. edit 5/3/15

Bhatti - Best Indian Kebabs in town. Excellent north indian food. No corkage fee. They have added newer burgundy stems, but safe to bring your own. Friendly service, reservations recommended.

Bistro Les Amis $25. A darling little French bistro in Soho. added 4/8/18.

Bluebird London $65.00 added April 2019.

Blue Hill Corkage is $50.

The Brasserie $25

Brasserie 8 1/2 on 57th street across from Carnegie Hall. $38 Lobster BYOB / Sunday + Monday Nights through Oct. 26. Large booths, good service, great value. Usually $25 for corkage. Added October 2015.
Restaurants | Patina Group, New York, California, Florida, & Beyond. … ants_id=67

edit 3/7/18 > Brasserie 8 1/2 has a byob menu on Sunday and Monday. Choices like filet of beef Wellington and foie gras for $38. No charge for one bottle per 2 people. Rest of menu is solid, but no surprises. Comfortable, dramatic interior, and quiet. I think the room has been spruced up and the menu upgraded. Service is spot on as always. Plus, easy to get a reservation.

Brasserie Les Halles near WTC was $25

Breslin added April 2019. $40.

Brooklyn Fare Newly implemented corkage: $90/bottle. edit December 2012.

Brushstroke $100.

Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens does corkage-free BYO on Tuesdays. Decent stemware, though nothing great. Not sure if they do BYO on other nights or what their fee might be.

Cafe Centro $25.

Cafe Loup $15.

Cafe Luxembourg $25

Calle Ocho on UWS quoted me $15 corkage over the phone, told me $17 when they opened my bottle, and actually charged me $10. Good deal and food is very good. Added April 2019.

Carbone $75

Casa Lever BYO $55. Maximum 2 750 bottles. 7/22/15

Caviar Russe is $60 edit 7/5/17

Charlie Bird Corkage is $35. Sit downstairs for peace and quiet.

Cibo e Vino (Italian, as if the name didn’t give it away). Broadway near 89th Street. $25. Good food, service, and ambiance. Good neighborhood restaurant for sure/

Community Table in Litchfield CT is $25 corkage.

Contra is $40. O-Riedel tumbler glasses (meh) Added summer 2015

Convivium Osteria, near Barclays Ctr, quoted $40.

Craft: 43E 19th (cross street = Park) Corkage = $45/bottle (ouch)
request that you not bring any bottles represented on their list
no mention of a bottle limit

dell’anima has a $25 corkage fee/750ml Closed.

Don Angie $35. added April 2019

Dovetail $35.00 Closed.

Eleven B on 11th and Avenue B on Saturday night. Corkage was 5 dollars a bottle. Added October 2015.

Eleven Madison Park - Corkage is now $65/bottle and a limit of four before there is a $250 Somm fee.

El Quinto Pino on 24th St just off 9th Ave. Corkage is $15

Estella Was $45 >> quoted me $60 a few weeks ago. updated 7/17/15

Fabio Piccolo Fiore – $25.00 Good Midtown Italian eateries on 43rd and 44th street.

2127 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(212) 595-1888
Officially, they charge $10 corkage. At offlines with multiple bottles, it’s 3 for $10!

The Fat Radish $25. Sparkling $35. Was charged $40 for a 750. 8/6/19

Feast $25 8/7/19.

Fragole in Caroll Gardens $25 fee. 5/5/19.

Fung Tu - $25

Gabriel Kreuther is $75

Gigino at Wagner Park. Behind the Jewish Museum in Battery Park. $25/bottle. Not sure if limit. Accommodated us with a chiller for our one bottle. Commercial stems. Italian trattoria with fresh ingredients, good specials. Outdoor patio with great view. Reasonable considering location. European service in that you are not rushed. Reserve for weekend lunch and dinner. Added 5/12/18.

Giorgios of Gramercy $20 corkage. A short, but more than acceptable wine list. Bring stems.
27 East 21 Street between Broadway and Park Ave.
(212) 477-0007.

Gramercy Tavern:"
$35/bottle up to 4 bottles

Great New York Noodletown. $0 corkage.

The Grocery Closed.

Hakata Tonton corkage is $40 edit 7/5/16

Hearth $40 or $50. 10/25/19.

Hill Country BBQ Manhattan's BYOB Secret Weapon: Hill Country Barbecue - Eater NY
$15/bottle, no limit.

Hillstone the vaguely crappy and overpriced, but bustling, chain restaurant with a location on 27th and Park, offers no corkage on first 2 bottles, $20 per on each additional bottle.

Il Bacco on Northern Blvd in Little Neck. $15.

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria. Quoted $35 which ended up not being charged to us, maybe bc we offered sips of the 1977 B-S BdM to the waitstaff. 53 Great Jones Street.

Il Violino Corkage is $25.

Italliene (West 24th st) No cork Monday. 10/17/19.

I Trulli"
This Gramercy restaurant has eliminated its corkage fee on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. Always call first to verify. Good stems.
$25 corkage on one bottle only, and it must be an Italian wine.

Izakaya Ten Closed.

Jack’s Sliders and Sushi
Starting from $30 - $60 per Bottle

James $35. 11/19/19 Prospect Heights aka Brooklyn.

Jams in Manhatan. $35 for first 3 bottles, and $100 after that.

Jeanne & Gaston Closed

Jewel Bako $35

Jungsik - $45 and not on the list.

Keens $30. Good stems. 1 bottle for 2 people. edit 8/14/19

King Bee on 9th St is now doing BYOB for Sunday brunch and dinner. Added August 2015.

Kitchen At Brooklyn Fare,0"

Kin Shop $25. Brought one bottle, they chilled it for us, glasses were fine. Modernish thai. Food is tasty but not cheap.

6th Ave btw 11th and 12th sts.

Lalito, one of my current favorite local restaurant has a $35 per bottle corkage. Decent stems and they are cordial with byob’d bottles. Great food!

Lattanzi Italian restaurant charges $40 per bottle, no limit.

L’Artusi in the west village has a $30 corkage. edit 12/30/15

L’Apicio is no corkage, no limit on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Otherwise $30 edit 12/30/15

L’atelier by Joel Robuchon has opened. Corkage is $150 (!) and can’t be on their list.

L’Ecole Closed.

Reach into your wine cellar for something special and bring it into L’Ecole for “No-Corkage Mondays” at lunch and dinner (up to two bottles per table, dining service only).

La Nonna Williamsburg Brooklyn- $25 corkage

La Sirene, is now charging $10 per bottle for two people.

La Vara in Brooklyn – $15 per bottle.

Left Bank (West Village) $25 - no corkage fee Sunday & Monday

Le Coq Rico is $50.00 per bottle 2 bottle max.

Le French Diner at Nolita. Tiny place, tight seating, but with some good French bistro items, meant for sharing, on the small menu. Good service.
BYOB at $35 per bottle, small/half-bulb stems. added 4/9/18

Le Gigot in the West Village. $25 per bottle.

Le Philosophe in the East Village. Classic French bistro food in a nice French-bistro ambiance and setting. $25 per bottle corkage

Leopard at des Artistes No corkage fee Sunday evenings at the restaurant formerly known as, Café des Artistes now called the Leopard at des Artistes 1 West 67th Street at Central Park West and $50 corkage fee the rest of the time.

Les Halles, John Street location, near WTC charges $25, serviceable stems. Accommodating wine steward, but we only had one bottle. Added August 2015.

Lilia in Brooklyn. Excellent Italian food, but limited wine list. Corkage at $35 per bottle. added Jan 2017

Lincoln Restaurant
$40 per Bottle. 3 bottle limit

Little Frog A newish French in UES, is charging $30 per. Added 12/21/16

The Little Owl Tiniest place ever… loved the food! Hated the corkage - $50! But probably would go back. Very good stems.

Little Park $35.00 added 12/30/15 in Tribeca.

Locanda Verde $35, with a 2 bottle limit. Good stems. Just up the block from Tribeca Grill.

Louro on West 10th St in the Village: $35/bottle

Luzzo’s in the East Village (along 1st Ave). Corkage is $15 per bottle.

M. Wells Steakhouse - $30 normally, no corkage Monday.
Added November 2015.

Maialino is now $35. edit 7/5/17

Maloney and Porcelli - $35 - good glasses.

Maialino, Danny Meyer’s great place in Gramercy Park Hotel, $35 corkage. updated January 2017.

Manhatta $35 9/19/19. No tipping restaurant.

Marea $65 corkage. updates 2/2016

Marc Forgione It is located at 134 Reade St. in TriBeCa. The corkage was $25. edit Dec 2012

Donburiya $30 fee. Bring stems. 5/11/19

Mermaid Inn $25 - Upper Westside $20 edit 11/17/16

Millesime – $30

Milling Room $30

Mimi in the WVillage at $50 per bottle(?) Added 12/21/16

164 Lexington Ave # 1
(212) 532-9596 BYO $10 but call ahead to tell them

the Modern (Bar Room) they provided appropriate glasses and good service. Free corkage on Sunday nights" The Modern (restaurant) $45 corkage and 1 bottle limit that is not on their list. Edit > now $35 8/28/19.

Momofuko Ssam has changed its BYOB. They now only allow half bottle/person.

MOMOYA Upperwest Side, 427 Amserdam Ave bet West 80 & 81st Streets, also in Chelsea

Morrimoto - $35, thats not on their list. Wine list isnt that impressive.

Mottzar Kitchen 70 Mott St right below Canal. No corkage BYO & stems.

Musket Room is BYO free on Sundays. The Musket Room just announced corkage free Mondays with their set 3 course $65, or set 7 course $95 menus. edit Jan 2017.

Nerai $35.00 Great stems. Dinner added 5/12/18.

N’eat Corkage is $50 however if you order a bottle from the list it is waived and there are many things on the list at reasonable prices. added 11/17/16.

Nice Matin Monday no cork. 10/15/19.

NoMad $35.

Nook 50th & 9th

BYOB is free

Noreetuh $15 > edit 11/16/19 No cork fee on Sunday.

Norma A small but very good pizza and apps spot, on 31st and 3rd. Added 12/21/16

Norman in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Good Scandinavian-themed dishes. Wine list mostly “natural-based” as per our sommelier. We byob’d and charged $35 per. Good wine service.

North End Grill in Battery Park City charges $25/bottle but has a limit of 2 bottles per table edit Dec 2012.

North Square - $15.
103 Waverly Place New York, NY 10011

Novita – $28.

NYY Steak Manhattan- $25 corkage although they have waived corkage two times

Old Homestead. $35 per

One If By Land $25 corkage. Nice glasses.

Ortzi $25 or $30. 5/11/19.

Osteria Morini in Soho. $40/btl, not sure about a bottle limit. added 12/27/19.

Pasquale Jones is $50.00 with a 2 bottle limit. added 11/17/16

Pasta Easter East 17th st. No cork fee. 11/9/19.

Patroons No fee on Friday. 8/16/19.

Peking Duck House is $10 on non-Wednesdays. Zero on Wednesdays.**** Wine Berserker favorite.
Chinatown PDH on a Saturday night - No corkage charge.

Pepolino 281 West Broadway $35 corkage. edit 4/6/18.

Per Se $90 corkage.

Petit Crevette, in Carroll Gardens just across the BQE. Very small, quaint French seafood place. Nothing fancy, but a good neighborhood place. We love it. Or, do what I do and bring your own stemware. N.B. > I’ve been here. Arrive at 6:00, otherwise be prepared to wait. Update 10/18/15 Corkage $5.00 per bottle.

Pietro’s – $25.00 Good Midtown Italian eateries on 43rd and 44th street.

Ping in Chinatown. $20.00 edit 11/17/16

Poke - No corkage fee, sushi spot in UES. Bring your own stems. Well priced, cash only. Very good quality. No reservations. Good setting. Popular with the locals.

Quality Meats/Quality Italian $35

Raoul’s $50. added April 2019.

Ravagh 30th b/w 5th and Madison. $15 per bottle. Glasses sorta suck.

Recette – $25 CLOSED 4/28/16 according to the NY Times.

Racines has posted on Facebook that it’s doing BYO Mondays > CLOSED late 2019

Remi $40. 6/1/19

Riverpark Riverpark has moved their no corkage night to Tuesday. Normal corkage is $45. N.B. I didn’t like their service. (DH)

Rock Center Cafe is $25 per bottle. Reminds me of Hillstone type food and service, but where else could you enjoy a bottle from your cellar while watching skaters go round and round on the other side of the floor to ceiling windows. Restaurants | Patina Group, New York, California, Florida, & Beyond. … ants_id=18 Added November 2015.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House 148 W 51st St. Corkage $15.

Santa Fe has a dyed-in-the-wool west 70s crowd with a Cheers feel to it. $15.
east of Columbus Ave at 73 West 71st St, 212-724-0822 updated January 2016.

Saxon + Parole, 316 Bowery. Quoted $25 on phone. 12/30/15 still the same price.

Scarpetta $35. One bottle maximum. Scarpetta Restaurants | Top Italian Restaurant added 2/2016

The Sea Grill, Rockefeller Center is $40. Very good service and food. And that view of the skating rink in winter. Very convenient to Radio City. added April 2019.

Semilla, $40 per 750ml with a two bottle max. edit 7/5/16

Shun $75. 8/15/19. BYO $10. Mag > $15.

Strip House $50

Sojourn on the U.E.S. 244 E79th St. No corkage on Monday. Otherwise, $25 > confirmed 8/18/19.

Soto $35.00

Sushi Noz $100 corkage - $300 per person. Upper east side. Added April 2019.

Szechuan Chalet 1395 2nd Ave (bet 73rd & 2nd) (212) 737-1838 $5.00 corkage.

Had a nice dinner at the cozy Sutton Inn . . . they have FREE CORKAGE on Mondays and apparently get a nice turnout. They also waive corkage if you bring one bottle purchased at one of 2 wine stores near the restaurant (East 54th st between 3rd & Lex.). We enjoyed the food ( “seasonal American”) and the service was great! Now closed. Summer 2019.

Table d’Hote in Carnegie Hill - policy is sort of a moving target, ranges from $20-35 (most often $25) depending on, as best I can tell, lunar phases and whether a dowsing stick bends when you call. But its a lovely, tiny, restaurant with excellent food, and a perfect place to split a nice bottle on a date.

Tasca Chino (Park Ave @ 20th) Corkage is $40 per bottle. Glassware is great. Went for the dumplings and tapas. Some interesting mixes of ingredients but was not as bowled over by the dumplings as I had hoped to be. Very attentive service. Added November 2015.

The Eddy has no corkage fee on Mondays as well

The Nomad Broadway at 28th St. $35/bottle, limit 4 750mL bottles.

The Smith ( 3 locations) $35.00 updated 4/21/14

Tartine Cafe
CORKAGE YES, NO FEE, everyday. They don’t sell wine or liquor. Cash only and no reservations, but for larger parties call 90 minutes ahead as they will put tables aside as long as you plan to be the first for dinner, 5 to 5:30.

A Galician restaurant in Little Italy called Tomiño Taberna Gallega. Good stemware and decent wine service. Was quoted $25 per bottle corkage.

Temple Court $45. 8/14/19

Mondays at Tribeca Grill are corkage free.

Union Square Closed

Txikito $15

Virginia’s in Alphabet City? Free corkage on Mondays, $30 otherwise.
Menu looks good.

Wayan $38. 9/10/19.

wd50. Closed

Wallflower $30. Good stems. edit 5/17/16.

Watty & Meg in Brooklyn. Corkage $10. ttp://

Wildair= no corkage added summer 2015

Wild Edibles restaurant along 3rd Ave. Wild Edibles is a small chain of 3 stores in Manhattan that retails fresh seafood. The prepared fish dishes, and you’ll see them take your fish off of the iced retail display cases, are generally above average. I believe it’s $10 corkage per bottle but you’ll need to confirm.

Wu’s Wonton added April 2019.

La Sirene.


Ben Benson’s - Forget it, no BYO
Del Friscos - Forget it, no BYO
Pearl and Ash - No BYO.
Sparks - Forget it, no BYO

My friend Cynthia has left Allegretti but as far as I know they are still honoring no corkage for ‘wine board members.’ You should call ahead to confirm.

August 2019 This place is long gone!

Maloney and Porcelli - $35 - good glasses.

Ben Benson’s - Forget it, no BYO
Del Friscos - Forget it, no BYO
Sparks - Forget it, no BYO
Peking Duck House!! - Zero on Wednesdays. Tell them Michel sent you and they will charge extra!

Just got this in an email from Tasting Table:

I Trulli
This Gramercy restaurant has eliminated its corkage fee on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 3 p.m.

You should mentione Peking Duck House is $10 on non-Wednesdays.

Braeburn is free on Sunday and Monday, $15 other days. Also a really nice wine list and cocktails." onclick=";return false;

No sure how up to date this is, but it has worked well for me in the past." onclick=";return false;

Didn’t someone here have an offline at the Kitchen At Brooklyn Fare? It’s been my fave BYOB (free) in the city. I wonder why no one reported back.

They are about to add a $90 wine pairing to the menu, so that’s almost over.

Probably because it’s so difficult to get in?

Mondays at Tribeca Grill are corkage free. There might be a charge above a certian number of people/bottles, but generally they don’t seem to enforce it.

I’ve heard Apiary had a similar policy on Mondays, but not sure about that one…

Apiary has totally open corkage on Mondays and it’s pretty common to run into other board members. The wine service can get a little slammed on a busy night, but it’s a terrific experience. Scott Bryan’s cooking has always been strong but the last couple of times I’ve been (this week, and two weeks ago), it’s been at an exceptionally high level.

North Square $15 per bottle.

103 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10011

The first post has been updated.

I found this website today:" onclick=";return false;

I haven’t spent a lot of time on it. It gives general reviews of restaurant wine lists in NYC.

Gramercy Tavern:

$35/bottle up to 4 bottles, and then $50/bottle from #5 on. The service is excellent.

Agreed, the food’s always been very good, but lately it’s stepped up to fantastic.

Had a good meal at the Bar Room of the Modern last night, nice stemware (we had seven bottles, they provided appropriate glasses for each) and good service. Free corkage on Sunday nights, unsure if that applies to regular dining room or not.

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I don’t think the dining room is open on Sundays.

I was in town last week on a last minute business trip and we decided to walk into wd50. We got the bar table- no reservations- at 6pm. Corkage was $40, but when we gave the waiter a taste, he reciprocated by giving us two glasses of nice Maidera. Food was excellent as well.

Square Meal, 92nd and Madison-- don’t remember the exact corkage, but I think its $5 or $10.

Food is American/Comfort food, a little on the heavy side but generally very good. Owned by the woman who owns Yura, around the corner on Madison (and has been in the neighborhood forever). Stemware is better than a chinese restaurant, but not great. Don’t know if they let you bring your own.

A little on the pricey side for food but not at all out of line with the neighborhood.