New World Syrah At Its Very Best--TN: 2007 Carlisle Syrah Papa's Block

I drank the 2006 version of this wine last weekend and I thought it was strong but not to the extent of this 2007, which I offer below. This expression of syrah. of what Mike did with this fruit, is truly beautiful. As much as the 96 Cathiard Romanee St Vivant was elegant, balanced and moving, this Papa’s Block is equally stunning in the mode that it occupies. Smashing good syrah.

  • 2007 Carlisle Syrah Papa’s Block - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (7/1/2012)
    It’s been a great weekend for wine. Friday was the Cathiard RSV, then last night was this Carlisle. I bought just 2 of these on release, have not touched them since but looking for a wine to take to dinner last night, and knowing I would be dining with a couple of strong palates in Gerry Frayer and Rob Winn, I grabbed this Papa’s to put it to the test. I did a quick decant through the funnel, let it breathe for a few mins and then funneled it back to the bottle. This is a helluva wine. It is dark, for sure. And the aromatic, as it was last night and having sat simply in the cellar overnight with the cork keeping it closed, it shows today the same intense aromatic of merde/blood. It reminds me in that way of what Rosella’s can sometimes show. A beautiful palate of dark fruit, some stone fruit pit, a big dollop of iron, brewed coffee, creosote and bitter chocolate in a suave finish. There is also an undercurrent of subtle minerality, of some tannin too that keeps the finish fresh and engaging. As for an aging window, this wine remains so fresh and yet energized that I’d say now through 2015. This is CA syrah done at the highest level, top class.

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Two months ago 14 of us tasted all the Carlisle Syrahs made from 2005 through 2010 from the Papa’s Block, Pelkan, Cardiac and James Berry Vineyards. While opinions were all over the place, I thought the Papa’s were the best. And the 2008 is even better than the 2007 (as it was with all of these wines, at least in my opinion).

I’m so focused on Carlisle Zins and old vine field blends that sometimes I fail to max out the Syrah.

Frank, I’ll take your note as a “wake up call”!

Right when I’ve been having bad luck with my Carlisle’s, look who’s having much better luck!

Thanks. I was looking at a lone bottle of this in the cellar and wondering if it was ready. Sounds like it will be consumed in the next few months. Your notes are appreciated.

Thanks for the heads-up. I have ONE.