New Wine Storage Facility in Northern Virginia / DC

For all off those wine collectors like me that live in Northern Virginia, I wanted to let you guys know that a new state of the art wine storage facility just opened off Route 1 in the Potomac Yards area of Alexandria, VA. The facility is within the larger Mini-U-Storage self-storage warehouse located at 405 Swann Ave., Alexandria, VA.

I used to store my wine at Domaine and Zachys DC but am moving my wine to this new facility. Plus it’s super close to my house given that I live in Northern Virginia. I am thrilled to no longer have to cross the river to get my wine!

Here is some info on the facility:

If you are interested, contact the facility’s manager Henry at 703-863-4031.

Also, mention Promo Code ALX2023 to get 50% off your first 6-month’s rent plus an addition 10% off your next 6-month’s rent.



Can’t find much information online about this place. Is he running like an A/C unit inside a storage unit?

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No. It’s a professional wine storage facility. Basically, it’s a separate temperature and humidity controlled wine warehouse with separate secure access. It also has a dedicated redundant HVAC systems with emergency back up. In total, they have around 75 wine storage units. Environmentally, it’s just as good if not better than Domaine and the Zachys DC’s facility. Coming from Domaine and Zachys DC, I would never store my fine wine in a self-storage unit, even if it did have air conditioning. That would be nuts.

You should go see it it’s pretty sweet. Here are some pics.

Wow, looks nice.

I just purchased a 300 bottle fridge from Costco, but may consider something like this in the future.

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Yeah, it is a pretty nice place. However, you probably only need an off-site storage unit if you have a good bit of wine that you want to lay down for aging. Otherwise, the 300 bottle unit should do you just fine. Cheers!

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