New Wine Auction Platform

Good Afternoon everyone - I just wanted to send out a quick note here about a new wine auction site that we launched on Friday.

Descending Buyer’s premiums starting at 14%, decreasing to 11%.
3% Seller’s premium.
No listing fees.
$5 bid increments.
No credit card fees.
No transfer to storage fees.

The idea is to offer more value to both buyers and sellers.

If anyone would like some more information, it’s Feel free to shoot me a message or roast me here.



Very cool. Wishing you the best of luck on the new venture. I will be sure to check it out.

Where is the auction house located? And how do you handle shipping?


Thanks very much Jay. We’re located in Washington DC. We’re able to ship to most states. If we can’t ship to your state we can assist in arranging for you.

Good luck. We need something like this.

Buyer-seller spread in the US market is an average of 30% , which is a very high transaction cost.

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Will you be posting results to Wine Market Journal?

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Yes, eventually. Looking to get our API set up w them within the next few months.

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Excellent to hear!

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Looks like initial glitches on that 19 SC but as expected. Good luck!

Stu, PM sent - you need to add your full name to your profile :wink:

The price? Everything looks sorted out - I hope!