New to the world of wine

My wife and I are pretty new to wine, but have started purchasing and looking for new wines. All I know so far is we really like Cabernets. Any suggestions for some newbies? Or share your favorite wine!

Hi Davey - welcome! Best advice I can give you is to taste anything and everything you can. Try to find a local shop that does regular tastings. They are usually free and offer an opportunity to taste a wide variety of regions, producers, and styles.

Yes, taste lots and buy sparingly at first. Over time you’ll figure out what you both like and you’ll have a diverse collection tailored to you and your wife’s likes instead of a cellar full of cabs aged for 24 months in 100% new French Oak. I ended up with about 1/2 inventory of pricey grenache at one point (which I love but replaced with other wines as I branched out).

Davey B- 100% agree with Ryan, taste as much as you can before you start buying too much of something you may not actually like. If you already like Cabernets, try from different vintages (years), regions, styles and blends (it may be 100% Cabernet or blended with merlot, can franc, etc). Then throw in Pinot, Zin (not white Zin), Syrah, etc to expand palate and flavors you may never know existed.

Be very careful on advice especially on WB as there tends to be very strong personalities that feel only one way or the other is correct (those that do and do not like ‘flavor/fruit dominance’ usually referred to as AFWE).

Lastly meet other wine people as they can introduce you to wines you may never have heard of as well as share experiences and help you learn. Look up wine tastings in your area and plan a wine trip (could be a short Drive or a flight) to a wine region, big or small and taste and ask lots of questions.

Another good option for ideas is to review this site and Cellar Tracker. Feel free to fire questions as most people are helpful.

Oh one more thing, get two good wine glasses (they don’t have to be expensive) and enjoy the overall experience.

I’ll echo the thought to taste a bunch, and find a local wine shop where you can get to know a wine buyer or somm who will help you learn. That was the biggest thing that helped me when I got in to wine in my 20s. A lot of wine shops dismissed me as just a kid, but I ultimately found one that turned me on to a lot of my early favorites.

Also, keep notes of what you like and don’t like. Use CellarTracker or some other system - you’ll never remember once you start tasting a lot of different wines!

Don’t lock in early. If you like Cab right now, try them all. Not every winery per se. Step out and try Cabs from Washington, Sonoma, Napa, Paso Robles, South Africa, Australia and France. Get a feeling for the grape and its capabilities. Turn down nothing and try each wine with an open mind. Might not be your “palate preference,” but it is an expression of the grape, the terroir and the winemaker. You may fall in love with any one of the three. I had no use for white wine and was forced to learn about it. I had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as a starter to a steak house dinner. Wasn’t sure I liked it. It was a little tart and acidic. It made me hungry and the appetizers and salad tasted better than ever. Many wines have their place for sipping, food and dessert. At least you are already at Cab. I had to get through Mateus, Blue Nun, Spinada and Annie Green Springs until I found Cabernet.

Davey, welcome to the world of wine! I’d suggest trying wines with a friend or family member that is knowledgeable. That’s how I started about mine years ago…and the rest is history. You just need to try try and try some more to see what you like most.

Dave, for all price ranges there are so many wonderful options!

Welcome to the board!
As another newcomer to wine, I don’t have a lot to offer except to expand and drink a variety to figure out what you really like.

Last year I asked a good sommelier friend of mine if he knew any courses/classes I could drop a few hundred bucks on to help myself learn.

He gave me a copy of Windows to the World and told me to spend that money on a variety of bottles. I always appreciated his suggestion and loved working my way cluelessly through a bunch of bottles.

Also, as recommended above, a good wine store with tastings is a great way to try out new things.