New to auctions- any one else experience issues with Heritage customer service/photo requests?

I have only had limited experience with auctions- thus far have only ever purchased through K&L, and they have always been very responsive and accommodating.

I found a lot that I’m very interested in bidding on from Heritage, and requested photos. I received the following message:

We have received your image request. Please note that we are still assembling the lots in our warehouse, and image requests will be processed once the auction is open for bidding.
We appreciate your patience.

Ok, fine, except that the auction was already open for bidding. There are now three days left, and I am surprised by the lack of response. I sent a follow up email this morning. Is this unusual or to be expected? Thanks in advance-

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I have requested a few times for lots in the Signature auctions and gotten pictures in each instance. I don’t think I’ve tried for the monthly ones. The warehouse is a small operation, but I think you will get it in time.

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Thanks. I don’t know what a reasonable expectation is in terms of receiving these photos before an auction closes. I just received an email saying they were still assembling the lots, which is more plausible than the previous message indicating that the auction had not yet commenced when I was getting daily reminders to bid…

Hopefully before the live auction portion on Thursday. Their descriptions are usually spot on, fwiw. I haven’t had an unexpected bad bottle from them, but if I were to find a visibly flawed bottle that wasn’t noted as such on the listing, I would contact them about it.

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I have had great service and better-than-normal providence from Heritage…I love the occasional killer bargain lots that are often overlooked…

Anytime you can get better-than-normal providence, you should take it! [cheers.gif]

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I think I know which ones you might be bidding on :face_with_hand_over_mouth: .
Good luck!

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Heritage. I live on the east coast, so I have them ship my auction wins to the Wine Cellarage in the Bronx for free ( it’s a free service- no account needed) and I just pick it up from there.

Unfortunately, Heritage’s auctions have gotten more popular since the reserves are much lower than Zachys or Acker, so it’s getting harder to find bargains