New & rare bird in Maybach's flock. Meet Vocabulum

I had the good pleasure of dining with Chris Maybach, Thomas Brown and Will Segui last evening at Brasswoods. Always great to catch up with friends and make new friends as Jeff Ames was there too.
Chris brought along something special to try, his newly bottled 2019 Maybach Vocabulum. It is Thoreivilos Springs vineyard fruit. There’s a tiny amount and the conversation arose how it could ever even be allocated, something like **? cases.
It’s a young (da!) edgy Cabernet with some real signs of goodness, the puzzle pieces are out of place just now.
Big black fruit profile with all the hallmarks of place; nice balance and purity with clean and focused intensity. A nice addition to Materium am Amoenus.
I would love to try this in 7 years and I think I will…


Cool! Thanks for sharing.

Nice posts Mike! You’re enjoying your “cab roots.” [cheers.gif]

I’ve been buying Maybach since ‘04 (I think?) and love their wines. I don’t expect to get any of this, but would love to try it!

Mark - in a similar boat but if i do get a bottle i will be happy to come down and share (but you have to join me at a Padres game)!

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I’m sorry.
Did you say something after, “ I’m having dinner with Chris Maybach, Thomas Brown & Will Segui?”

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