New portable wine from Limerick Lane

I normally have no interest in wine from cans and all, but I’m mildly intrigued by this, given who is behind it.

I’d love to hear first from someone who tries it, before ordering a bunch online. Hopefully, this is good juice and not just hipster faux-outdoorsman-REI-catalog marketing.

Just received the email and came here to see what everyone was thinking. I’m also intrigued. The prices are good if the quality is as good as the LL wines.

Varietals: 68% Zinfandel, 30% Syrah 2% Sirah
Vineyards: Limerick Lane Estate, Banfield Katz-Ponzo, Sodini, & Elie-O
good juice and the price puts it at 30 a bottle. This is more then i normal spend on canned wine

I’ve got a subconscious disconnect with canned wine that I need to overcome. I overcame Stelvins a long time ago, this too will pass. I’d sure like to try it though. I wonder if they are pouring it at the tasting room, I have wine I need to pick up anyway.

Isn’t all wine portable already? You might need help with 3 Liters or larger, though.

For an occasion where the wine needs to be portable (multi-day hike, etc.), the decrease from weight by swapping glass from aluminum would be nice.

I think you’re referring to a backpacking trip.

One possibility, I’m sure there are others not readily apparent to me.

I received the email also and have been considering giving it a try. My wife and I usually use the Platypus wine bags when we backpack, but the aluminum can would be nice. I wonder if it is sturdy enough to hold up to being stuffed in a backpack and then reuse it or if will crush.

From the picture it looks sturdy, but that could be an illusion. For some reasons the bottle reminds be of Sobe bottles from the mid-2000s, back when they were glass.

Stopped by the winery today to pick up a couple orders and had to nab a 6-pack!
2 white, 2 Rosé and 2 red. Will report back.

Now playing…
Heavy duty aluminum bottle here, like a canteen!

Curious to hear what you think!


Big +2 here!

I’m cooking a chicken in the BGE tonight so we’ll try the Chard and the Rosé. Will check back with notes.

I like that.

It’s actually a fairly thick plastic from the neck all the way down lined inside and out with aluminum and then the base is solid aluminum. Tapping it with a fork it clunks until you reach the base then it tinks. Insulates well, the wine inside stayed cold sitting on the countertop after we opened it. Moreso than a glass bottle would have.

As for the wines I liked them both better closer to room temp. The white when chilled was simple on the nose and kinda off-dry tasting on the palate, picked up some lemon curd late and the finish showed off the acidity along with some citrus peel bitterness. From the flavor profile I’d never peg this as Chardonnay. Just wish the front end were as interesting as the finish.

The Rosé is pretty darn good but up front it’s just kinda there. Like the Chard. Picks up on the mid-palate and then starts hitting the mark with steely minerality and a nice kiss of watermelon. The finish goes on and on with that mouthwatering acidity. For a hike or picnic they are both a good choice. Not real complex and that’s just what you want when you are out and about.

Interesting concept, 500ml is about right for a lunch out and the container is very durable, reusable and recyclable. Pricewise it’s teetering. The Red works out to $30/750Ml, the Chard $27/750ml and the Rosé $24/750ml. There are plenty of wines out there that you can find that are better qpr’s but how many of them come in this cool canteen.


Brian, great writeup. When you get to the Red, loop back into this thread with your thoughts.

Thanks for the write up, Brian. I had hoped it would be a more pleasing wine at that price. For now I guess I will stick to my Platypus for hiking wine.