New Orleans Thanksgiving Weekend?

Contemplating a trip to New Orleans on Thanksgiving weekend. What’s it like on the holiday weekend? Sleepy? Fun? Any advice welcome. TIA!

I will be there. You have to be aware that the Bayou Classic will basically take over the Quarter, Friday and Saturday nights. I am not a big Bourbon street fan so not a huge deal for me but you should be aware should you book a hotel in that area. We are staying outside the quarter and eating dinner outside the quarter on those nights to avoid the crowds. FYI - August is open for Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:


Will be there as well. Had no idea about the Bayou Classic so thanks for the heads up.

Went for several years. The grand palaces all do a nice Thanksgiving dinner. The Bayou classic creates an unimaginable gridlock on Canal so do not plan on crossing into the quarter by auto. Going uptown by auto is fine. Weather is highly variable, been frozen, baked, drenched and gloriously pleasant. Sometimes all in one weekend.