New Janis Robinson book comming out

Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, Including Their Origins and Flavours [Hardcover]

Book Description
Release Date: November 6, 2012
An indispensable book for every wine lover, from some of the world’s leading wine experts.

Where do wine grapes come from and how are grape varieties related to one another? What is the historical background of each one? Where are they grown? What sort of wines do they make?

Using cutting-edge DNA analysis and detailing almost 1,400 distinct grape varieties, as well as myriad correct (and incorrect) synonyms, this book examines grapes and wine as never before. Here is a complete, alphabetically presented profile of all grape varieties of relevance to the wine lover, charting the relationships between them and including unique and astounding family trees, their characteristics in the vineyard, and—most important—what the wines made from them taste like.

Presented in a stunning design with eight-page gatefolds that reveal the family trees, and a rich variety of full-color illustrations from Viala and Vermorel’s century-old classic ampelography, the text will deepen readers’ understanding of grapes and wine with every page. Combining Jancis Robinson’s worldview and nose for good writing and good wines with Julia Harding’s research, expertise, and attention to detail plus Dr. Vouillamoz’s unique level of scholarship, Wine Grapes offers essential and original information in greater depth and breadth than has ever been available before. This is a book for wine students, wine experts, and wine lovers everywhere.

Thanks for posting. Although I am not a big fan of her as a wine critic, this seems fascinating.

I’ll bite for certain, thanks for the heads up.

Some discussion of the book here…

and here:

Here’s my review of the new Jancis book, “Wine Grapes”. It’s truly monumental:

I got my copy and it’s an absolute beast of a book. You’ll understand why it took 4+ years for her to write when you hold it in your hands.

I’m intrigued. Given the amount of work $175 is a fair price but I will think twice before I purchase this.


Amazon has them for $110.

Yeah I’ve preordered from Amazon. It’s a massive 1280 pages - just think of it being like 4x320 page books at $27.50 each :wink: