New Jack-in-the-Box racquetball commercial

Just saw it for the first time during ESPN’s The Sports Reporters and it’s hysterical. Racquetball - YouTube" onclick=";return false;

Still my favorite: - YouTube" onclick=";return false;

Haven’t seen that one! Hilarious!

The interesting thing is poor Jack was hit by a bus during the Super Bowl and according to his Twitter is in pretty poor shape:" onclick=";return false;

Personally, I am finding the whole" onclick=";return false; campaign pretty funny, but, they should have worked the new chicken sandwiches into the theme of their current campaign.

I type this as I sip my diet soda while chewing on a Breakfast Jack. Yay Jack!


You really DON’T cook!

I didn’t see the Super Bowl commercial, but there’s another new one where Jack is in surgery and flatlines when the surgeon reveals that he and one of the nurses like Breakfast Jacks at midnight. Can’t find it on YouTube.

Breakfast Jacks at midnight are the best! Its almost a late night flight ritual for me.

banned jack in the box commercial - YouTube" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;


This is very disturbing. You just cannot trust those corporate giants.


That was funny.

A friend of mine, Pat Adams of Secret Weapon Marketing, is the mind behind all of those. He’s a frigging genious at low key humor.

I keep pitching him on doing one with Jack walking down the beach in Rio de Janeiro (dressed in his suit of course) while reading an article in the paper and commenting to the camera, “It says here that the FDA thinks our new Sourdough Jack Double will give you a big ass…” and then lowering the newspaper to show a trio of Brasileiras in thongs proudly taking a preferencia nacional (that’s big bundas!) for a walk and finishing with “…and they say that like it’s BAD thing.”. Even his wife thinks that’s hilarious but he says the client would never go for it…

I was amazed they got this one on the air:

- YouTube" onclick=";return false;

That’s one of my favs. The racquetball one is actually at least a couple years old.

That’s a great one. I remember the first ad for the “new” campaign I heard back in the 90’s was on the radio. It had a stoner theme to it also. Was hilarious.