New Glarus

Anyone had any of the New Glarus beers from Wisconsin? Especially the Belgian Red.

Yes. Solid beers all around. The Spotted Cow is a classic, easy drinker. The Belgian Red is a bit richer and has a bit of a sour-like character, but doesn’t go all the way. Its good. I wouldn’t say any of their beers set a benchmark for their category, but they’re very good beers at very reasonably prices.

They only distribute within Wisconsin, so us Chicagoans always tend to grab a bit when we’re near the state line.

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I’ve not had the Belgian Red, but I’m opening a Spotted Cow Grand Cru in about 10 minutes. It is a special edition of their flagship and reminds me of a Belgian Tripel. Superb. I’ve also had the Two Women farmhouse ale. Also excellent.

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Have them all the time (picking up through drives In Wisconsin).

Spotted cow is their signature beer. Decent for a widely stock standard beer, best n bottles (vs tap or cans).

Raspberry sour is probably their pinnacle. As good as it gets in the US fruit sour genre.

Agreed with above that the Spotted Cow Grand Cru is fantastic. I didn’t know they were making it again, will need to keep an eye out.

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Awesome. Thanks!


It usually comes out in late January, but is only around for a couple of months. The New Glarus beer finder is pretty reliable.

Awesome. Thanks for the color.

Agree on the raspberry sour, it’s fantastic.