NEW FEATURE - Topic Tags

Based on discussions in a prior thread concerning ‘planning my visit to Napa/Sonoma, Santa Barbara/Central Coast/Finger Lakes/etc’ I’ve decided to give Topic Tags a try.

Here’s how they work:

When you post a topic of particular common interest, one that likely has a lot of searches and you find is often repeated, you can add a Topic Tag. You can also go back to threads you have started and edit the first post/topic title to add Topic Tags. Be judicious in when you use it and how you do, so I don’t have to edit them out. ONLY commonly discussed topics, please.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 7.45.08 AM.png
When a Topic Title is created, it shows in the post what the Topic Title is, both in the list of topics/threads and in the thread itself.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 7.42.32 AM.png
When you click the Topic Title within the post, you can find all OTHER threads with that same Topic Title, which is the real reason I put this feature in - so that those looking for Wine Travel can see the Tag, then click it and see many more threads like it - a very efficient search process.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 7.42.46 AM.png


I like it!

I am not seeing it as an option on my end though. I cleared my cache, but nothing still. Maybe just need a restart?

Is it worth making a list of possible tags? To avoid things like Rosé & Rose both being separate tags?

Did you try it with a new topic/thread (not a response post, only original topic title post)? I wonder if this is admin-only, which is fine, just gives me more work lol.

Do you see the tag ‘wine-travel’ at the bottom of this post? Planning your visit to Sonoma "County"? This might help. - Travel, Wine Tourism, and Restaurants Forum - WineBerserkers

Click it if you see it, you see other threads that have been tagged with it.

I can see it on that post and also click on it and it takes me to the list of threads. When I create a new topic or go to edit a previous topic I created it doesn’t give me the option though.

Similarly, when I go to edit a topic I created earlier today, I do not see any Topic Tags.

(Love the idea though!)

Working on it - going to take some permissions changes in the back end, hopefully I get to this soon!

Actually, could you go through and tag every post I have started with “Salted Shoe Butter”. That should make it easier for people to find them.

Thank you

Ok, fixed! Hopefully works for you all now??


looks good!

Registering an opinion: having the tags displayed in every thread topic is both distracting, and adds additional space in some cases. I like the idea of tags, and having them displayed in the first post once you open a thread is great, but if it’s possible to turn that display off in the top level forum list, that would be my preference. Seems like the purpose of tags is to aid in searches, I don’t really need to see a berserkerday tag in a thread title that already has berserkerday in it (for example). Once this gets used more widely, I think it will look pretty funky.

And a question: would it be possible to have an option in search that just looks for tags? If I want Paris Restaurants, eventually it would be nice to be able to find threads that are tagged that way, as opposed to every thread with the word Paris and restaurant in it.

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I disabled the view of the tags within forum list, so it looks ‘normal’ now, but it still shows at the end of the topic first post, still searchable.

As for the search that just looks for tags, you’d have to click the tag itself, which searches for all other topics that have that tag - wholly different search than the keyword search above. Once more tags are added, the feature will be quite helpful. If you have a bunch of restaurants in Paris posts/threads, any that you are the author of you can add those tags to

Looks great to me! I did not know about clicking on the tag itself, will play with that.
Very nice.

Is it worth having some tag “guidelines”? Like, can tags have spaces? Should we have a standard set of tags for restaurant, wine travel, hotels, etc? For example, “sonoma-travel”, “burgundy-restaurants”, “napa-restaurants”, “san francisco restaurants”, and so on?

the dashes are put in by the system, you just put words in, it turns it into ‘burgundy-restaurants’ etc

I’ll be editing them from time to time so we don’t have excessive ones, repeats, etc

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Is there an option to block topics with certain tags?

Not that I know of - why?

A way to hide posts. I saw another member ask about that. Thought it might be the solution.

For example, someone no longer wants to see threads arguing about Burgundy in their unread posts they could be blocked if tagged.

Unfortunately not - can only block users and their posts, not threads/posts

Hey Todd, I know you’re working on some stuff but my ‘board index’ tab isn’t working, it just gives me all the users; is anyone else having this problem?
Looks like this-instead of listing all the forums