New Feature! 'Follow' users/members automatically

By popular demand I’ve added ‘follow’ as a feature, so for your most favorite posters of all time, you can set your system up to notify you whenever they post. It’s easy to see, and configure. Click the user’s username, the info card pops up, click ‘follow’

(not that I’d want to follow @Alan_Rath or anything, but maybe I need to hit up @Don_Cornwell for any late-breaking wine fraud news, or @Robert.A.Jr for important news about shaving legs or breaking stemware…)

Anyway, have fun, y’all!

(Also, when you are sick of all the notifications, if that happens, just do the same, in reverse, click ‘unfollow’)

Never miss another hot take!

Awesome. Now I can breathlessly follow every utterance, gaseous emission and miszpeling of my favorite posters!. @Dennis_Atick get typing. We await the fruits of your wisdom…

This seems about as useful as counterfeit Yellow Tail.

Some have asked for it - if it’s not for you, easy to just never use it!

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Dauo is the new Yellow Tail!


Great feature!

This looks a little akin to stalking to me. Would it be possible to also have a feature that allows me to specify that people may not track my activity in this way?

No, there is no such capability with this add-on as of yet

:joy_cat: yes its realy true…

Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 3.30.52 PM

Please tell me there is a way to remove a stalker (follower)
if not will putting them on ignore block them?


There is not, and he’s followed plenty, from what I gather.