New Envoyer Website is Up

It seems to be a traditional online webstore, and as of now, many great deals. Also has a 20% discount code posted at the top of the page! I had to sign up again to be able to purchase. Not sure how to access my previous purchases–but would imagine it is brand new and they are still working out the kinks.

Couldn’t locate an account status page on mobile site. They have order status, but I liked the account status to see what was in stock ready to ship. It wasn’t 100% accurate but it was still nice to see.

was the coupon emailed to you when you registered?

Ditto. I’m hoping this is merely a mobile site situation.

Huh. They no longer recognize my account, or my email. I’m gonna just figure it’s a glitch and it’ll resolve eventually…

Same. It claims there’s no account under my email address.

Where do you see a 20% discount code? Not seeing that

Ditto. Granted, I am using the mobile site, as I have no other option right now.

I signed up for the new site, found something I wanted to order, and then sent a note to Greg, who responded promptly:

“Hi we just put the site up last night prematurely because of the issue with the old one. Go ahead and create an account on the new site. The old info could not be brought over because of the huge amount of data we had. So we will have to manually give you that data until all the wines that were processed on the old system are delivered . Anything bought on the new site will show up under your account. Full functionality of the new site will take place in a few weeks this is like a soft opening . Regards.”

glad you posted this, because I was having some issues and now ill just hold off

If there’s something you want to order off the new site and you already have a card on file, just email them. I did yesterday and they turned my order around within the same day.

Apparently you need to re-register on the website and all previous orders won’t transfer over. Not a super duper outcome if you ask me but oh well. Still like them and their customer service.

Yeah, seems to mean you can’t even check your pending orders placed on the old site.

Not surprised it’s hard to transfer over, given how barnacle encrusted the old site was.

The effort will be on the new site rather than the old - they’ve switched to a pretty ordinary Shopify implementation which would be less amenable to a data transfer than something more bespoke. Probably the right choice given their business model. I imagine the cost of actually doing a transfer gave them a sticker price shock (or their developer could not be bothered/did not have the skill set); but this kind of thing is squarely in my realm of work and I’d take an educated guess that achieving it would have been better value for money than the litany of manual processing they now have to do.