New England Fall trip advice?

If you only had 5 nights where would you go? Coming from MN. Fly into Boston or somewhere else? And if you only did one state which one would it be? If you rented a cabin for 3-5 nights where would that be? Say sometime around Oct 15- Nov 10th?

Check flights to regional airports from your exfil. They could be cheaper. Hard to say about timing. There has been a severe drought in MA this year, as well as lots of foliage gone due to gypsy moths. Maybe not a great year for pumpkin picking and fall foliage. Upstate NY may be better. If you want to do a coastal trip, then yes fly to Boston or Providence and do the typical history stuff/seafood dining and enjoy whatever fall foliage you can if it’s opportunistic.

Thanks Brent

Craig, there’s a little (thought not a lot) of info in this thread I started:

if you like leaves - what Alan said.

Guys - foliage is going to be disappointing this year unless you go to far northern New England - the drought has really taken a toll on trees south of Bangor.

New hotel opened this year in Gloucester - Beauport. Looks right over the harbor. Get a cappuccino at Cafe Sicilia. Go to Duckworth’s Bistro for dinner. Head to Portsmouth NH for a night, have dinner at Black Trumpet. I would then spend a few nights in Portland, ME - stay at Press Hotel, fantastic restaurant scene - Union restaurant at the hotel among many great options - I personally love Miyake as well. Don’t pass up the opportunity for a donut at Holy Donut!

I moved to just outside of Portland a little over two years ago, and I can still say that, for the most part, I would rather stay here in Portland than go on vacation. It’s a great place, far exceeding my expectations before moving here. I can give up-to-date recommendations on restaurants and things to do if you decide to head here. Just let me know.

But to be fair, I’ll also throw out another option, especially for foliage: Burlington, VT. Really beautiful town, also some great restaurants, really good beer scene, and beautiful scenery. Our best friends live in Burlington, so we head over there 1-2 times I year. I’ve really come to love it. And for fall foliage, you can explore Northern Vermont or head across Lake Champlain to upstate New York.

Just came back from a trip to NE. The drought has definitely had a bad effect on the trees. Maple trees are already losing their top leaves.
That said we had a great trip. First dropping our youngest at Wesleyan and then visiting VT, NH, and finally Boston.