Neutral brandy for port in the bay area

I’m going to make my first port this year. Does anyone know where I can purchase a neutral brandy here in the Bay Area to fortify with? Internet searches are not turning up anything.

Might try calling some fortified wine producers and seeing where they source theirs.

Not the Bay Area, but not too far off in Oregon.

The Sac Homewinemakers did a group buy last year with them and I heard good things.

WineSecrets over in Sebastopol supplies a few grades of brandy for use. I would go with the 170 proof. You might have to buy the ‘sanitation grade’ brandy if you’re not bonded.

I believe St. George Spirits in Alameda has a custom brandy program for winemakers. My friend purchased his neutral port brandy from them.

OsCo Glasshouse brandy. Oakland Spirits Company. I use it for homemade tinctures and bitters. 153 proof. Don’t drink and smoke.