Neely Wine (NEWBIE) - We're FINISHED (Thank you to all our shoppers!)

Neely Wine is excited to participate in our very first Berserker Day BD 15 as a “NEWBIE".

Check out our EXTENDED SALE open until 1/31/24 - with a couple of NEW ITEMS ADDED!!

Specializing in chardonnays & pinots, we are in the northern end of the Santa Cruz Mountains, our estate Spring Ridge Vineyard runs from the floor of Portola Valley up the ridge, parallel to the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, up to Skyline. Our estate vineyard lies just a scant mile north of some very esteemed neighbors: Thomas Fogarty, Mindego Ridge, & Rhys’ Alpine & Horseshoe Vineyards–we’re in a FANTASTIC neighborhood! Our proximity to the Pacific Ocean (<10 miles) often covers us with a marine layer of fog that brings a vibrant coastal acidity to our wines. More details below :arrow_heading_down:

We cannot ship wines to: AR, MS, NJ, RI, SD & UT.
(We can ship to AK & HI, but it’s not complimentary - please contact me for a shipping quote)

If you’re on a mobile device - our apologies, our store landing page is optimized for the desktop, if you’re on a cellphone, it’s easiest to order if you scroll all the way down to the Collections Section, when you see the bottle photos & descriptions, you’re there!

The first 12 Berserkers (date/timestamp) will get on the list for a Grüner 3-pack as soon as it releases the end of April (ships on 4/30/24).

Our wines walk the line between New and Old World (oops, can I still use those terms?). Good vineyard management keeps our alcohols in check. Our SCM altitude & marine layers ensure balanced acidity.

Our chardonnays are bright & food-friendly. You’ll find varying degrees of lime pith, yuzu, orange blossom, lemon peel, minerality, honeydew, even grilled pineapple and sometimes brioche. Neely Chards range from 12.4% to 14.6%, depending on the vintage and the bottling. Take notice of our annual progression towards lighter/lower alchohol wines.

2021 Chardonnays - range from: 12.9 % to 13.9% (these wines will be released in 2024)
2020 Chardonnays - range from: 12.4 % to 14.2%
2019 Chardonnays - range from: 13.0 % to 14.0%
2018 Chardonnays - range from: 13.7 % to 14.3%
2017 Chardonnays - range from: 14.5 % to 14.6%

Our Pinots are lithe, layered, nuanced. You’ll experience pomegranate, raspberry, red plum, red cherries, bing cherries, black tea, sometimes even a touch of sandalwood or cedar. Neely Pinots range from 12.2% to 14.6%, depending on the vintage and the bottling. Our more recent vintages are increasingly moving towards lower ABVs.

2021 Pinot Noirs - range from 12.2% to 13% ABV. (these wines will be released in 2024)
2019 Pinot Noirs - range from 12.2% to 12.7% ABV
2018 Pinot Noirs - range from 13.1% to 14.1% ABV
2017 Pinot Noirs - range from 14% to 14.1% ABV
2016 Pinot Noirs - range from 14% to 14.4% ABV

THANK YOU for taking a few moments on this crazy day to check out Neely Wine!
Hopefully, you’ve also taken us up on one, or more, of our BD15 offers!!

Tina Jones
Neely Wine

1/25 & 1/26 link (no longer active): PLACE YOUR BD15 ORDER HERE: Neely Wine’s Special BD15 ONLINE STORE:
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About Neely Wine
In 1980 & 1981, the Melchor family planted Chardonnay and named it the Spring Ridge Vineyard. We still harvest these vines 40+ years later. They planted three blocks down the ridge from the historic 1912 home, the now legendary Chardonnay Blocks: Home, Amphitheater, and Bee.

In 1995, the Neely family began stewarding the property, reimagining the commitment to viticulture and wine. By the early 2000s Pinot Noir plantings—Hidden, Upper Picnic, and Picnic Blocks—completed the foundation for one of the most renowned vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.

A unique, small bi-level indoor-outdoor winery and cellar facility was completed in 2000, initiating the era of estate winemaking. Tending and harvesting grapes just a stroll from the cellar allows for low-key and masterful vintages. From the very beginning viticulture at Spring Ridge has been careful and ecologically sensitive. Spring Ridge Vineyard and Neely Wine are proud to be the home of a unique, terroir-driven project.

In 2016, Shalini Sekhar joined Neely Wine to carry on the tradition of estate-crafted, block-designated winemaking at Spring Ridge. In 2017, a new phase of vineyard planting was begun with our Sausal Creek Vineyard, including a small block of a new novel varietal that Shalini adores, Grüner Veltliner (a wine club exclusive block)

Meet our Winemaker: Shalini Sekhar

The Neely’s were thrilled when Shalini came aboard in the Spring of 2016 to spearhead their winemaking as it entered a new era. Her experience is impressive: after attending the post-baccalaureate enology program at Fresno State, she worked at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and then Williams Selyem, where she honed her Pinot Noir winemaking skills. She became cellar master at Copain Custom Crush (now Punchdown Cellars) and also worked at Bluxome Street Winery in SF. In 2013, she joined the team at ROAR as the Custom Crush Winemaker, making wines for Furthermore and Waits-Mast Family Cellars, among others. In 2015 she was named Winemaker of the Year at the San Francisco International Wine Competition for her work with Furthermore. Shalini continues to make wine for Waits-Mast in San Francisco via her consulting business, Ottavino Wines. Shalini was chosen as one of the 2019 Winemakers to Watch, by the SF Chronicle. In 2020, she also founded her own small label “Ottavino” to showcase less-common varieties and techniques in California.

Our Estate - Spring Ridge Vineyard

The estate Spring Ridge Vineyard extends from an elevation of 600 feet reaching up to 1700 feet above sea level, just below Windy Hill’s summit.

Spring Ridge benefits from the Bay Area maritime climate, but is protected from extremes of weather—both fog and cold, as well as high heat. Fog cradles the vineyards but never overwhelms them, and a maritime breeze often courses down the slopes. The geology of the vineyard favors expression of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes—Spring Ridge soils contain sedimentary rock, both close to the surface and at medium depth, and the ground is fed by spring water running deep underground. Except for occasional, extremely hot days, all Spring Ridge vineyard blocks are dry farmed.

We feel a strong responsibility to our land and environment, and to our customers, to produce wines in a sustainable manner. We practice a careful cultivation that results in superior grapes & flavors, while protecting the countless fauna and flora that inhabit the land.

Still want MORE details? Check out our Wine Tech Sheets

Visiting the SF Bay Area?
In Spring 2023, we were finally approved to open our new Tasting Barn in Portola Valley, where we’d be thrilled to host you for an Estate Tasting the next time you’re in the SF Bay Area (~1/2 hour from SFO or SJC airports, <10 minutes from Stanford/280) - Tastings are by Reservation Only. Make your reservation here

575 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA. 94028

Wine Club & Exclusive Wine Club Offers
We do offer many of our small lot wines as exclusive wines for our wine club members, for example: Lucy’s Rosé of Pinot Noir & Grüner Veltliner, and occasionally we make educational wines (same chardonnay vineyard/same pick, one in stainless steel tank, the other in neutral oak barrels, or the same pinot vineyard/pick, one made with 30% whole cluster, the other with 100% whole cluster). In addition, every so often we’ll make a special Cuveé (Holly’s Cuveé [chardonnay] &/or Lost Road Cuveé [pinot]. Interested in joining our Wine Club Community?

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DO NOT sleep on this offer. I was one of the fortunate taste testers of Neely PN & Chards and they were gorgeous. Chardonnays have that beautiful taut, minerally reductive quality that I’ve been digging a lot in OR and some CA bottlings. The Pinots are savory, elegant, complex. Seriously good juice here and the amount of data and info included is a welcomed treat.

Just wanted to add in some info after @ToddFrench’s Toddstapo coerced me into it (jawohl Sturmfuhrer @Patrick_Taylor).

I tasted the 2019 Bee Block Chardonnay & the 2018 Upper Picnic Pinot. I feel both of these are drinking quite nicely but I would have no qualms about holding the Chard up to 4-5 years and the Pinot another 7-8 years. Drank them on their own to gauge them as objectively as possible.


Thank you for the kind words Jorge!!

I just saw your 6-pack Bee Chard & Hidden Pinot Vertical order go through the store - we appreciate your support!

NEW NEWS…more about Bee Block Chardonnay
We just opened up the '21 Winter Release Wines that we’ll be sharing with Wine Club Members on the Feb 2-4 Release to see how they’re doing - WOW!

The '21 Bee is an absolute stunner - tantalizing orange blossoms on the nose & palate (remember back when Disneyland’s Soarin’ ride flew you in a “hang glider” over the SoCal Orange Groves & you felt like you were just drifting through orange blossoms?), with a fresh zing of acidity on the tip of my tongue & then encompassing my whole mouth, plus a bit of spice in a lingering finish. YUM! I can’t wait to see what recipes I like with it!! SO good!

In for Grüner futures! Excited to try!

Hi James!
Thank you!! Your name’s on one of our Grüner Futures 3-packs!!
Should be a fantastic white for your sunny Dunedin days!! :sunglasses:

P.S. I’m a Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) native, but I spent 5 years after college on the west coast (Tampa/Clearwater) before migrating west - I sure do miss that warm Gulf of Mexico water :beach_umbrella: :thong_sandal:


Hello James Andrews,
You’re the second James to get our Grüner Future 3-pack - CONGRATS!!

Thank you!!

Had to pick up some of these Chardonnays. I grew up in the area years ago.

Always excited to try a new SCM winemaker’s goodies. I visited Mindego the last time I was in the area and it will be great to add another stop! In for a sampler 6.

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I just saw your order come across Rick - many thanks!!
We do ROCK our chardonnays - we hope you’ll enjoy them up in McMinnville!!
And I’ll have to come find you at the brewery next time I’m in Willamette!!

Appreciate the SCM :heart: !!
Lots of yummy pinots & chards in our little Northern SCM neighborhood!
We’d love to have you come for a visit - it’s much warmer here right now, than chilly MN!!!

P.S. I think @RobB makes a Mindego Pinot under his Sandar & Hem label…not sure if it’s in his BD15 offer, but you might want to check it out?

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Just got your order in for the 2020 Single Vineyard Chardonnay Sampler too - thank you!!

Your order just came in for LOTS of Chardonnay - thank you!!
(where’s that WHITE WINE EMOJI???)
It’s always an honor when another Wine Producer :wine_glass: orders from us.

Please make a reservation to come visit us the next time you’re down in Silicon Valley?
We’re just 10 minutes from Stanford/280.

We have friends up on the top of Atlas Peak that we need to get up to visit, I’ll make a reservation to come visit your Tasting Room as soon as we firm up dates

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I cannot order from them as I am already in the situation where the case limit to MN is restricting my membership. I signed up after enjoying BD14 offers last year and have decided not to screw up 2025 opportunities :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The 2020 Chardonnay Sampler doesn’t seem to be discounted. Should I be entering a code?

Oh no @Brian_Pinci !
Will you call me? 415-203-8132

Tina, Thanks for your help. I just ordered the Chardonnay Sampler and the Pinot Noir Sampler. Excited to try your wines!


You know a case of wine flies free with each frequent flier on Alaska Airlines…maybe you need to plan a little trip to CA? Do a little CA wine “import” program of your own into MN?

Just saw your 2019 Pinot & 2020 Chard Sampler orders go through - YAY!! :mega:

I truly appreciate your patience & working with me to fix it - many thanks!!

Always a fan of the Bee Chardonnay and Hidden Pinot!


I appreciate your patience & perseverance as well!
Your order with the correct BD15 discounts just came in for LOTS of Chardonnay as well.
Thank you!!

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