Need new cooling unit in my Vinotemp cabinet

My cooling unit has bitten the dust. I have a 440 bottle cabinet. Reviews of the Vinotemp replacements are so-so. Many say they last 5 years, for a $ 1000 unit? Any suggestions? Has someone bought the Breezaire unit?

Might even try taking the old one to an AC shop?



Regarding the a/c shop, I’d first make sure they do refrigeration (which is what the unit actually is) Vinotemp sells refurbished ones that are cheaper, you certainly get what you pay for.
If you want a long term solution I’d suggest CellarPro

CellarPro makes cooling units sized and configured to replace the VinoTemp’s Breezeaire units. From what I’ve heard, the CellarPro chillers are more reliable. Though I’ve had remarkable longevity from my Breezaires, I don’t think they are making them to the same standards as when I got them over 15 years ago. I plan to buy a CellarPro when one of my Breezeaires eventually bites the dust. (NFI)

Here’s another vote for CellarPro. I just replaced 2 different Vinotemp coolers with CellarPro units. The CellarPros were essentially drop in replacements. The replacement units have been working well without problems, but I’ve had them less than a year.

I used to use Breezeairs in my three cabinet coolers and found that the new ones lasted around 8 years. I started replacing them with refurbished ones from a guy named Fernando in San Diego. His company is WCI, he sends you the fefurbished model you need (UPS), for around $400 and you send him back your broken one in the same box (label provided) its pretty easy and his customer service is pretty good. His number is (619) 948-3422 if you want to contact him.

I recently had a celiar built and switched to CellarPro - like others - I believe its the best quality in the market. Based on the construction of the unit and the one year its been working for me, I am very pleased.

Well I went with Cellar Pro. It was a tight fit but is working great…

Cellarpro retrofit in my Vinotemp, super easy replacement, works great! 5 yr warranty is hard to beat

Yep, I’ve been looking for a new one also. I’ve pretty much settled on one of these from Cellarpro, same exact size as my old Vinotemp unit:

I went with the CP 1800XT about three years ago. It has worked great but given it is an XT (extra cooling power) it is kind of loud. I would not want the cellar to be located in a living room or other commonly used room.