Need help with Wally’s Wine headache

Does anybody have a contact here that I can connect to directly to resolve my issue? This is my first time buying from them but I was under the impression they had a solid reputation. I’ve tried to resolve this on my own and now I’m resorting to shaming them on WB.

Ordered a case of various Keller and Hirtzberger Rieslings

Fedex kept scheduling deliveries but not delivering. Turned out there was a broken bottle but I couldn’t manage the shipping because they needed to speak to shipper first (Wallys)

Called Wally and opened up a ticket that a bottle was broken and that they needed to contact Fedex to figure it out

Fedex has been holding my wine in Kennesaw, GA for nearly 2 weeks because apparently Wallys still hasn’t contacted them

I’ve spoken with various Wallys customer service 3 times since the original ticket was filed and nobody’s given me any updates, told me anything useful, or gotten this package moving from depot.

Customer service does not consistently pick up their phone and can’t seem to get a hold of anyone who will either fix my issue or remember to pass it on to someone who will.

I’ve worked with Marisa at Wally’s Customer service with some success. Their customer service team is by no means easy to get ahold of.

Do you have an email or direct line for her? Can’t seem to get anyone on the phone.

I’ve had such headaches there that I don’t buy unless I’m there in person. I know you don’t have that chance. Good luck.

Yes, pretty poor customer service, and, at least for a few bottles, somewhat dubious storage. They have become a last option.

Plus one. Prices are on high side as well. But they do source hard-to-find wines, so it’s tempting to roll the dice and deal with often indifferent customer service. But I only dabble if I can go into the store and close any transaction there.

Helpful thread. Have considered, but never ordered.
Good luck, Daniel.

Thanks I did get through today and was taken care of satisfactorily. Thanks everyone!