Need help with pairing Veal.

I’m making Osso Bucco tonight along with an Herbed (spinach, basil, parsely, garlic) Risotto and want to know what I can serve with it. I want to use something I already have on hand if possible. Here is my meager cellar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

Dude, forget your cellar (which is so meager that “access is denied”) and go out and splurge on the ultimat osso buco wine - Amarone. dc.


and go out and splurge on the ultimat osso buco wine - Amarone. dc.

So any new world Cali Red fruit bomb will foot the bill? I can handle that. Seriously though. I fixed the link.
Not likely to find any Amarone in the short trip to the market this afternoon. Then if I did I wouldn’t know what to buy and I don’t want to screw my meal.


“Meager”? You have a fine collection of high quality wines, there, dude! I guess if it was me I would try the Charbono. In my experience osso buco does well with any good quality red. Enjoy it. dc.

Thank you, and please don’t call me Stuart. [tease.gif]

You have 2 wines that I would consider. Either the 2001 Copain Eaglepoint Syrah, which should be a nicely aged wine, or I would love a wine from Piedmont, and you do have a very young Barbera that could work. I definitely would not choose a Cali fruit bomb, and probably would go with the Copain.


My bad. Not sure what I was thinking there, sorry. Enjoy your meal my friend. dc.

Your cellar is far from meager but it is very California and pretty young. I tend to feel rich Cali syrah can bulldoze food, and although osso bucco is rich too it has a certain lightness since it’s veal. I would pick a Pinot which combines that velvety California touch with a lighter Burgundian quality. Maybe one of the Williams Selyems? The 06 Rochioli Riverblock has got a bit of age on it.

Of course you’ve probably already sat down to dinner…

The 1998 Montelena Estate Cab would be a good choice, IMO.


I might try the brancaia tre. I have had the chianti classico and the Il Blu but never the tre. If it is similar to the chianti I’d go that way.

I agree that almost anygood red will work well, but the Brancaia would be my choice. Or the Rioja, or any of the rhones, or the Delille doyene. (By the way, go out and get some Produttori torre, some Felsina Rancia or fontalloro, or some affordable brunello. You need to fill out the Italian side of your cellar for those times when you need these wines for certain meals–plus most will actually be cheaper than California.)

Thanks for all the replies. Many came in after I had started cooking and by that time I hadn’t an opportunity to login. We went with the Foley Charbono and it worked out nicely from pre-meal tidbits to main course.

Yes I realize my cellar is young and Cali-centric as I am still a geek in training and living in NoCal makes it easy to dive into local wines without fear. Taking baby steps into Euro wines as I begin to understand them and experience them. Thanks for the help. Maybe next time I’ll allow more advance notice. [cheers.gif]