Need a wine store recommendation in Singapore.

My nephew is getting married in Singapore, and I am planning to give him wine. Any recommendations for a good store. Thanks.

There was a very nice wine shop at the top of the Marina Bay Sands mall when I was in Singapore last year. I don’t remember the name but a little Googling suggests it’s called The Oak Cellars. Prices did seem to be aggressive but certainly worth checking out.

Ask RP to ask his boss.


Wine is going to be expensive in Singapore due to the taxes. the Oak Cellar was good a few years ago when they were out in Tanglin Mall.

Mark, I’ll ask Yixin Ong.

Vinum always did right by me. Lots of high end stuff, lots of French e.g., I used to be able to get lots of Carillon Referts, which is harder to come by in the US. Also, the wine store in the American Club can be good, if you know a member, especially American wines (and they’re happy to tell you which are selling above or below US retail prices. Booze was not bad, IIRC. Crystal Wines on River Valley Rd was good, too.

Always just in-and-out for meetings in Sing, so I’ve only ever gotten to see the prices in the airport duty free wine shops (top label Bdx and pretty good vintages in Vine & Leaf). For whatever it’s worth, prices in the US will always generally be better to very much better, but, as an exception, their prices for champagne are not bad.

I was there again last week for meetings and my friend and I picked up bottles of DP and Krug before our flight back home (nb: I just got Krug Grande Cuvée NVs because the only vintage Krug I saw was '98 which is materially cheaper in HK).



Hi Mark,

There’s a lively wine retail scene here with a mix of established names and up-and-coming players.
It’ll depend on what you’re looking for - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian etc. and your preferred location. There are several shops in town (Orchard Road area) and in the business district (Shenton Way).
Best part for me is that many of them list their prices online so you can make a good comparison. Most places will deliver the wine for a small fee.

As others have mentioned, Crystal Wines and Vinum are established names with excellent service.

I like the Japanese-owned Enoteca within Takashimya on Orchard Road too. Good selection with big names as well as some rare stuff.

Here are some other specialists: - Online store with good producers from Loire, Italy, Austria and Spain. - A store about 15 mins away (by cab) from Changi Airport with a good selection of old vintages of French wines, especially Bordeaux. They generally have the best prices on old bottles as they are out of the town area. - Another place with old French vintages.