Need a burgundy explanation

I opened a 2005 Dominique Laurent Beaune Premier Cru VV. It immediately smelled strongly of what my wife calls wet dog and band-aid. The wine was thin and acidic. I stuck a cork in it and left it on the table. The next day, I was going to toss it, but pulled the cork to see how it might have changed. The wet dog had blown off, but it still had enough of the band-aid smell to be unpleasant. I took a pull out of the bottle and the wine had filled out and was not unpleasant. If you chose not to smell it, the wine was not great, but drinkable. I don’t have a lot of experience with Burgundy, but this was not funk or barnyard. Is this wine flawed? Young? Corked? Bretty?

I doubt it was corked. It would have gotten worse, not better.
Bretty sounds right, but not the good barnyard kind.
I also think most 05s are shut down right now

Thanks, Scott. That was my instinct, but it was a weird combination of smells and flavors.

Sounds like brett.

Sounds like bret although I can’t recal ever having a bretty Laurent wine. Could be corked.


Cork only gets worse with air.

Yes. The band-aid odor is common to 4-EP (4-ethyl phenol), which is produced by brett.

More likely the normal heavy reduction. You have to vigorously shake out the CO2-the amount will amaze you once you start.

Tom, are you suggesting the Australian aeration method? Literally shake it?

Thanks, all. Never had one perform quite like this and needed some collective wisdom.

Clunker of a bottle , maybe ? Shut-down , maybe ? Brett 100% , yes …Corked , could well be the start of something bad… If the infection is just starting it may not bloom as much as let’s say an infection well along… Do not dismiss the wet dog … Too bad on your bottle, it’s just so disappointing when we get wines off…