Neat beer chart

From slate: Giant chart of beers shows 500 ales and lagers.

Here’s one for the beer snobs: Pop Chart Lab, makers of this chart for pasta snobs, has released a sprawling map of beers from the familiar Sam Adams to the slightly less pronounceable Kostritzer Schwarbier, Schneider Aventinus Weisen-Eisbock, and Bayerischer Bahnholf Leipziger Gose. The chart organizes all drinks by brew category and connects each category to its proper drinking vessels (solo cup, snifter, beer boot) at the bottom of the chart.

Here’s a shot of some of the detail. Kinda neat to see the connections between different styles. The version on Slate is much bigger and can be zoomed and dragged:

Interesting. Would love it to be somehow tied to definitions as well as some examples.

Love the glassware- red solo cup- though I prefer the term pissbeer as opposed to American adjunct lager.