NC retailer with large selection rec?

Currently vacationing in NC and will run out of wine before end - out of state shipping is evidently a problem here. Is there a NC retailer that will have a wide selection? Thanks.

Don’t know where you are but there are tons in Charlotte. WineStore, The Wine Shop are just two. Apex Beverage in Apex is great. Out of state shipping to NC is no problem whatsoever. Where did you get that idea?

Where? It’s a big state.

I’m in Murphy, far west of the state.

In case you didn’t already know you are in the middle of f**king nowhere. If you didn’t bring enough wine you deserve your predicament. Plan ahead next time. ;>)

Heading over to Highlands or Asheville would be your best bet. Not close, but best bet and a pretty drive

As a Californian stuck in school in NC, I can attest to the comparatively dismal selection. If you find yourself in the RDU/Triangle area, A Southern Season and Chapel Hill Wine Co. aren’t too bad, but I wouldn’t call their prices competitive. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough winos in the state to generate enough inventory-turnover for a good selection.

Clinton - I’ve lived in Chapel Hill for a long time, and my experience with the local retailers has been that just b/c the shelf selection is limited, it doesn’t mean the wines don’t come to North Carolina. Most of the best wines never hit the shelves and are sold via email list or personal phone calls. Pricing has historically been very mixed - most stores charge a straight mark-up (40% ish) with discounts for cases purchases or consistent customers. The net is that you can find some great deals - 2000 Petrus was < $600 here, and some awful ones if the distributors take a big markup.

just fwiw, ping me if you want any details or recommendations.


How far away is Hickory. Allan Ghazarian has a good store there.

185 miles.

I think the state has a pretty serious selection… [thankyou.gif]

We can ship you a case FedEx ground and it would arrive next business day…

I know its probably to late but it would be easier to drive to northern Atlanta. I grew up close to Murphy in Robbinsville and we could drive to ATL in less than 3 hrs and that was 15 yrs ago. Should only take you less than 2 hrs.

Matt’s store has a great selection also in Charlotte. Got to meet your business partner via his brother a few weeks ago.

Highlands has lost its really good retailer. I have plenty of wine to share, though, with any Berserker who likes Riesling and Burgundy (I do have some other good wines as well). When I get here I always bring plenty of cases, or have the shipment meet me here in early June when conditions are quite cool.

Matthew’s next day shipping is not a bad Idea either. In styro, by the time the wine gets to the mountains, it has an almost 100% survival rate.