Navarro Vineyards, Anderson Valley - a long history of quality and value

In collaboration with our friends at Wine Berserkers, “the world’s largest and most active online wine community,” we are honored to participate in Berserkerday VIII.

We are offering a six-bottle Berserkerday Mystery Pack Sampler with six medal winning wines at a discount of 50% or greater! Packs will contain two red wines and four white wines, but vintages and varietals will vary. No reds older than 2012, no whites older than 2013. I am packing these myself, you have my word that I won’t put anything in your box that I wouldn’t be happy to drink myself at full price, even without your 50% discount!

If you wish, you may add on any other six bottles of Navarro wines of your choice to your Mystery Pack and we will ship the twelve bottles via ground freight for just One-Cent. The additional six bottles will even receive Navarro’s standard ten percent case discount.

6 Bottle Sampler Price: $64.00
Retail values of the packs range from $128 (50% discount) to $264 (76% discount!!!). Feeling lucky?

Limit one Berserkerday Mystery Pack per address. Offer valid one day only, Friday, January 27.

Click here to access the offer.

A heartfelt thank you to Todd, Brig, and everybody at WB who made this possible. And a thank you as well to all the community members who took the time to look at our offer. Cheers!

In for the case! One of the best domestic Gewurztraminers we have ever enjoyed and so many other fun wines.

My first Navarro white was at an offline several years ago. In for the mystery sampler.

Thanks guys! We’re all blushing here in Philo with all the positive responses to our WB foray. As stated in the Newbie Forum post, the inspiration for the project, way back in the 70s, was Alsace. Although over time Pinot Noir has come to dominate the production, there is still an intense focus on making elegant, bright, food friendly whites from the estate - just like Ted and Deborah were drinking from the Old World when they started the project. Can’t wait to pack your Mystery Samplers!

I sure hope you mean ‘in for the case TOMORROW!’ as these aren’t available for purchase today… [pwn.gif]

And I think they now ship to PA!!!

I have very fond memories of my visit to Navarro (about 10-15? years ago). I’ve bought their wines and grape juice on and off ever since.

We do indeed ship to PA, Ted. Thanks for the interest!

Thanks Jay! I had a really cool customer interaction the other day, regarding the juice (we make non-alcoholic Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer juice, delicious stuff). I got an email describing how when she was a kid, her parents used to serve her the juice in wine glasses when she was young, and now she does the same with her kids. 2nd generation Navarro juice drinkers, pretty special feeling to receive that note. Cheers!

Yes, mañana bro.

Any chance of ‘old wines?’ [cheers.gif]

I am SO in on this…been too long since I had Navarro wines.

And even I will be waiting until tomorrow!!! #playsbytherules

You better.


Or I’ll have to [smileyvault-ban.gif] myself - then who will run BerserkerDay??? [shock.gif]

Jorge says he can run rings around your gringo ass and is secretly plotting a coup.

What is approx shipping to east coast for 6 pack? TIA.

Hi Nick, it’s approximately $29 to ship the 6 bottles to the East Coast. However, if you round out your order to a case, you’ll get 10% off the other 6 bottles and one-cent shipping. Enjoy!

Hi Anton, no library wines in the sale, but I’ll PM you when I’m back in the office on Monday and we’ll see what we can work out for you. On another note, I had the most amazing steak at Farwood in Orland last night…cheers!

Grabbed my mystery pack. Looking forward to these.

Went for the mystery 6-pack and added six more bottles for the $0.01 shipping. Sweet deal. Thank you!

Looking forward to seeing what’s inside the box.