Navarro Spring Release

Just thought I would give a little love to Navarro. Their Spring Release is out today which includes my favorite QPR, their Muscat Blanc. For those who have not had it, it is a beautiful example of this varietal and perfect for summer drinking.

I wish they’d make more of it. It’s always sold out within 2 months of release.

Also, 10 percent off a case purchase plus .01 shipping. Hard to pass up.

Just got the Navarro newsletter. On the page for the 2010 Syrah Eaglepoint ranch is mentioned. Funny how they have a picture of me and (Jim like lots of other stories throughout) but they didn’t use my name. Pretty smart way to handle the fact that I’m not there any more.

Been a favorite of mine for ten years - great QPR. And is there a better domestic Gewurz?

I am still working on the sample case which I thought was a steal for $189. I did not fully appreciate the Chard but there were some gems The Pinots and the edelzwicker)

Loved that Gew when it came in magnum but they don’t do that anymore. Most impressive bottle to share out there.

Generally I like bone dry versions though, like Joseph Swan or the Londer both at or very close to 0% residual sugar.

They do that sometimes for who knows why. My inlaws sell them Savi B that is the other half of cuvee 128 and there picture at Charles Vineyard has been in at least once with no name mention.

Still waiting on mine in the mail, or its in the stack with the trade publication and all other spring mailers I have got. Sometimes the lady hides them from me so I won’t buy so much on spring releaeses.