Natural Wines

Hi James and thanks dropping into our little corner of the interwebs. I have a few questions that relate to one basic issue. “Natural Wine”.

We have debated this extensively at WB and many passionate responses were addressed. I’d like to know how you feel about the subject. Do you drink the wines? What do you think of the movement? What are your views on the use of indigenous yeasts, organic farming, low use sulphur (primarily at bottling), carbonic maceration, strict adherence to eliminating additives and enzymes during elevage, the use of new oak, sustainable farming and business practices, etc…

The more you can elaborate, the more I and many others here would appreciate it.

Here are some past discussions:

I posted this on 9/25. Mr. Suckiling certainly had time to respond and did respond to other posts sfter I posted. It’s too bad he chose not to comment. It would have certainly been nice to have his take on the subject. Oh well…

Sorry. I haven’t had a spare moment with my website design, tastings, and my daughter’s concerts in London and Liverpool. I fully support natural, organic, biodynamic and the rest for viticulture and winemaking. I believe that we all have to be more aware of our environment, but just as important is understanding and being concerned with what we consume. This movement for natural wines is an important one that I will report on. But at the same time it must be serious and it has to have a basis in sound practices to produce good quality wines. It can’t just be marketing. Or worse it can’t just be dogma.