Natural cork's new marketing pitch

Looking for the unsubscribe button on an email from Willamette Valley Vineyards, I came on this.

Has anyone seen it before? I wonder how they figure this. Is this based on the cork trees consuming CO2? What’s the 25% comparison to? DIAM is made from cork pieces, so it should get credit for the trees.
Cork carbon footprint.JPG

no clue but this is a very interesting read: Rainforest Alliance - Wikipedia

I love how Drinks Business is credited with this, in fact DB was merely quoting a ‘report’ released by Amorim.

How much carbon footprint is consumed in growing, vinifying, packaging and shipping all of the wine that ends up being ruined by cork through TCA and random oxidation, one wonders? Not a sustainable argument.


Oh come on, next you’ll point out the solid waste problem of disposing of car batteries.

If they start putting batteries in my wine, I might.

And it turns out that the Rain Forest Alliance isn’t endorsing corks over man-made closures. It simply certified the sustainability practices of the cork forest from which Willamette Valley Vineyards gets its corks.

Altogether very misleading on the winery’s part.

Should we sick the ATF on them? [snort.gif]

Too busy working on gun violence?

The ATF has a long history of making time to make trouble for winemakers.

Cannot believe anyone would buy into this idiocy. Create a hypothesis, design a study to support it.

Do they even make any good wines? Tried them years ago and they were in line with A to Z

Or all the plastic packaging used for single-use that ends up being landfilled, burned, or ending up in our oceans.

Non sequitur?

You misspelled thread drift.

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Useful that you didn’t need to change your plans - the unsubscribe option became doubly sensible.

The cork industry has been touting bullsh*t claims like this for years. Among other problems, they assume the industry is the reason for the existence of the trees. And of course, they always ignore this point:

In line with A to Z??

The wines are clean but boring. I liked one or two at a tasting years ago and bought a half case. Waste of money.

I wonder what’s the percentage for cork vs screwcap for the industry. Clearly, screwcaps have gained market share.

I’ll hit the grocery store in the next few days and check, the store probably carries 1,000 SKU.

I’d be curious to know even a rough estimate of what you see.

I am also very happy with Diam and Nomacorc, although I imagine that screwcaps are going to take over eventually. We have a ton of producers who’ve switched in the last five years, thank Heavens.