Nashville, TN -- In Need of Lunch/Dinner recs...

Sorry for last second post…

Heading to Nashville for a few days, was wondering if any locals could give me a few recs on places to dine for lunch & dinner?

I’m looking for some great local BBQ (hole in the walls & mom/pop places are perfect)…

Also need some dinner options too (maybe more contemporary theme – for anyone who has visited Chicago, something along the Avec, Blackbird, Bristol, Publican theme as examples…)

Thanks again for any recommendations…

Jack’s BBQ on broadway is my favorite for BBQ. Rotier’s is an institution for burgers and the “meat and three.” Catbird Seat is supposed to be the place to go, but reservations are tough apparently. I would also try to go to City House for dinner.

For southern, home-style food, this is my favorite place:

Loveless Cafe is famous, busy, and somewhat touristy, but IMHO their biscuits are worthy of the praise.


Just saw your post…a few places for thought:

BBQ: I like Jack’s, which is downtown near all the tourist trap bars, but the BBQ is really good. Note they have another floor of tables upstairs if you walk in and the downstairs is full. Hog Heaven near Vanderbilt is good and has been featured on Food Network, but they have only a couple of picnic tables. What you can do is order and then walk over to the park across the street. Another strong one is Martin’s, but it is ~30 minutes depending on where you are staying.

Dinner: Try Virago (a favorite and very unique…good options for everyone), 360 Bistro (comprehensive wine list), City House (may be right up your alley based on the places you listed), Etch (recently opened and hearing good things…could be similar to the ones you listed).

Please report back.


Get some hot chicken whilst there…


Catbird Seat will be impossible to get into, on short notice, but is great.

City House is wonderful - great food in a smart casual vibe that reminds me of places like Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal or Street & Co. in Portland, Maine. Love the place - love both.

FYI - Eater just reported that Husk will open a Nashville outpost in the Spring.

City House is awesome.

I would go Hot Chicken way over BBQ. WAY OVER!!!