Nashville PSA

The Rutledge restaurant in Franklin has the 08 DP for $260. That’s at or below cheapest retail price I can see in the US. Lobster rolls there are very good and make a good match.

Dom Perignon? There’s plenty of bottles around 150.

As Michael noted, plenty of US retailers selling Dom Perignon for ~$150. Though there’s certainly no shortage of retailers that sell DP for $250+

That said, that doesn’t seem like an unreasonable restaurant markup for the wine. Usually DP is marked up a lot more given it’s recognised name. I’ve seen DP listed at many establishments for $500+


08 DP for $150 looks fairly non-existent to me?

My local CostCo has it for $155

I was just going by what I could see on wine searcher (regular, not pro) as available in TN.

2008?! Where?

Regardless of retail price (and with w-s regular the best I come up with is $190 for the 2008), this is an excellent restaurant list price. I checked two places with wines lists I like, both of which have what I think is fair list pricing: one has the 2008 at $320, the other at $450.