Napa-Sonoma help requested for this weekend

Okay, so I’m lazy and too busy to sit down and come up with this on my own.

I have a friend (former law partner) who’s heading out to California tomorrow for a weekend in the wine country. Staying at the Carneros Inn.

Any suggestions?

Right now I’m thinking of Audelssa and a few others.

Is your friend a wine geek or just more of a tourist?

Short notice, but hit up Alpha Omega. Winemaker Jean is a new member here on WB.

He’s a wine geek. His wife is not (but she likes to drink wine). He’s a former partner of mine and also a member of my country club’s wine committee. He’s been to Napa many times but not so much Sonoma, and not to many of the smaller places to which we BB geeks tend to gravitate.

Or focus on tasting in Carneros for a day? Donum, Ceja, Etude, McKenzie-Mueller, Nicholson Ranch, Domaine Carneros, Cuvaison and a host of other wineries very close to your location! Your also a short drive to downtown Sonoma for lunch and a visit to Sojourn!

I think I’m going to send him to Merry Edwards so he can do the Westside Road thing and hit Sebastopol and Healdsburg on Saturday. In that vein, any suggestions? (One thought was Freeman).

Audelssa??? Enjoy the ride to hell!!!

I would call Wells Guthrie at Copain and let him know I was coming. Great winery, great wines and a good guy to boot. Easy to spend a whole afternoon enjoying the view and wines.

Have you friend email me at and let me knwo when he wants to come and I will arrange a private tasting for sure.


Hi Chris -

We conduct private sit-down tastings of our Pinot noir and Cabernet Sauvignon wines with Riedel stemware at no charge just off the square in Sonoma. We’re about 12 minutes from the Carneros Inn. You can pm me or check out our webiste about making an appointment this weekend. Thanks!

Kind of a haul from Carneros.

If he is still heading out that way, have him check Woodenhead in Forestville. Ex-asst winemaker at Selyem who’s making some really nice juice.

This weekend is Winter Wineland. It may be a bit nuts in around Russian River, Healdsburg, D. Creek, Alex Valley on Sat and Sun.

In the Healdsburg area, there’s a nice find called Acorn (just North of where J and Rodney Strong are located)… and, though I’ve never had the pleasure, WB’s own John Holdredge as well.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a pleasure…

This weekend is “Winter Wineland” weekend in the russian river, dry creek and alexander valleys (Check out ), so it is a real zoo, and probably not the time to come if someone is looking for “real” Sonoma County. A good party, but not at all low key. Kind of like a typical day in that other valley.

Perhpas, but you were not complaining about tattoo girl posing for pictures.

True Dat…