Napa & San Francisco Wine Shop Recommendations

Wondering if anyone has recommendations on Napa & San Francisco wine shop options.
Here are the places I’ve found by searching around. Anyone have favorites?
I mainly drink California (Rhone grapes, Cab & Pinot), Rhone/CdP, Bordeaux, Barolo, Spanish & Bourbon/Rye.
Thanks in advance!

Napa Wine & Liquor Shop Options:
• V Wine Cellar Yountville
• BevMo!
• Napa Wine & Spirits
• Calwine
• Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant
• Bounty Hunter
• Back Room Wines
• Val’s Liquors
• Napa Valley Wine & Cigar

San Francisco Wine & Liquor Shop Options:
• K&L San Francisco Store
• Blackwell’s Wines & Spirits
• Fine Wines International
• San Francisco Wine Trading Company
• Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
• Napa Valley Winery Exchange
• Biondivino
• D&M Wine And Liquor Co

Well, in SF, K&L has the best deals and best selection.

In Napa, there are board members who own Napa Valley Wine & Cigar and their prices are reasonable. Calwine has been around for quite awhile and also reasonable. Bounty Hunter and Back Room Wines have their niches but both sold to new owners. When customers ask for something we don’t have, we check Calwine, Backroom Wines and Bounty Hunter in that order. You missed Cellar Collections which is another niche wine store on the reasonable side. Val’s liquors are just that, basic liquor stores. If you haven’t figured out Bevmo’s schtick yet, you could be in trouble. Safeway is next door to Bevmo, has cheaper prices on wine not displayed in stadium cut boxes and Safeway usually discounts on 6 bottles rather than charge you triple the actual retail price for one bottle so you get a second bottle for $1.00.

I would also highly recommend in San Francisco:

  • Flatiron Wines
  • Arlequin Wine Merchant
  • The Wine Club

I would personally skip CALIFORNIA WINE MERCHANT, found their prices consistently high.

This is not in Napa but Sonoma county (Santa Rosa specifically), Bottle Barn rocks!!!

My personal picks would be:

K&L San Francisco Store
Flatiron Wines
Arlequin Wine Merchant
The Wine Club

Have you seen the Gonon and Dauvissat threads lately… neener

The Wine Club/SF on Harrison.

BevMo is a chain that sells mostly their own labels, some custom blended for them, and a smattering of more widely available wine. Overpriced in general.

I am also in SF and can only say, listen to this man.

Golden Gate Cellars in SF

For Napa Valley / St. Helena- ACME has a great selection.

+1 for
The wine club
Bottle barn

I’m in SF and don’t know all these, but these are very different kinds of retailers.

SFWTC is a lovely neighborhood wine shop that has wide diversity of recent releases, good service, and excellent inexpensive tastings every Saturday & Sunday. Not the lowest prices but a lot of old school retail value.

Arlequin is similar, different neighborhood.

Biondivino is a very small neighborhood shop that specializes in Italian wine. Great tastings and service.

Dig Wines is another teensy neighborhood store that has excellent weekly tastings, specializing in Burgundy.

FWI is web only - no retail operation - but excellent selection and good prices.

Flatiron is a bigger operation with a good selection and mix of prices. Seems to focus on the downtown biz district crowd.

K&L is huge, has great prices, runs an auction business, has tastings, excellent service. Could be your ‘just about anything you need’ shop.

I buy from all of them :slight_smile: but mostly K&L.

750 Wines in St Helena.

+1, but would call to make an appointment just in case.

+2 for 750 wines in St. Helena. I think you would be best served to make an appointment as I am not sure you can walk in off of the street. David, Monica and Seb are great.



K&L Wines do not need a specification for the San Francisco store, as, if you want a wine from one of the other stores they will send it up for free. The delivery is trustworthy too.

Another yes to Wine Club in SF.

If you consider Bay Area overall, add:
-Artisan Wine Depot, Mountain View & Los Gatos. Very low pricing and respectable assortment.
-Farmstead, Oakland. Tiny, but surprising inventory. I’ve seen Lillian and Scarecrow there at reasonable prices. Might as well get cheese while you’re there.

Thanks for all the recommendations! I’ll have to Google all these places and check them out.

A treasure trove of info, thanks! For K&L, which is better, downtown SF or Redwood location?
Added Cellar Collections, as that wasn’t on the radar.
Well aware Bevmo is similar to Total Wine in regardards to big box sell their own brands bait and switch.

Thanks, going to check these out as well!

I’ve found thewineclub and flatiron to both have fantastic service. I especially like the free shipping in CA on purchases over $129 from flatiron. I buy from K&L and wine house the most because they’re local but love those two sf shops.

+1 to Acme. I love the palates of the folks who work there.