Napa Lunch Spot

So what do people love these days in Napa for really yummy lunch destinations. Looking for something foodie, fresh ingredients, etc. Thanks!

The town of Napa, or Napa Valley in general?

Grab some sandwiches from Dean & Deluca then head over to the napa valley olive co on Charter Oak in St Helena. Plenty of picnic tables and a great retail store. We usually grab a small container of their feta stuffed olives; they also have a nice selection of bread, cheese and assorted meats.

Valley in general, going to be heading down from a tasting on Howell Mtn.

  1. Solbar at the Solage Resort, 755 Silverado Trail, Calistoga - Solage Resort & Spa | Luxury Resort in Calistoga, California - and check out this thread:

  2. Farmstead, 738 Main St., St. Helena - - $2 (not a typo) corkage.

I would add Cindy’s Backstreet in St. Helena. Also, perhaps Market on Main St. St. Helena. I have not eaten there for some time, but I had drinks there recently and people seated next to me at the bar were raving about their food. The menu had lots of nice choices, and never any corkage.

But my number one would be Solbar, as Robert suggested. That would take you about 10 minutes from the stop light at Deer Park/Silverado Trail

Cook in St. Helena
Redd in Yountville
Bistro Jeanty in Yountville

Those were our favorites. Probably in that order, but it’s splitting hairs. They were all excellent.


I’ll add Rutherford Grill and second Market.

I’m a fan of both Bistro Jeanty and Cindy’s for lunch. That being said, with the amount of eating and drinking we are generally doing while there, we usually go the deli route for lunch.

Lunch on the deck of the bar at Auberge du Soleil is pretty nice. Same view as the restaurant, but a lot less expensive.

One of the best - which reminds me I have not done it this year. Perhaps an after-harvest fling.
A super-luxurious way to spend an afternoon, though I do not think of it as something I would do after coming down Howell Mountain from a tasting (or 2 or 3). Lunch at Auberge deserves a day unto itself.

Grab Cindy’s (its awesome) and head up to Pride, lots of picnic tables and great views

Is Ubuntu still going strong? Had lunch there a couple years ago and loved it.

Gott’s in the Oxbow market.
Actually - there are a bunch of good spots in the Oxbow. We took a picnic lunch up to our tasting on Howell Mtn.

Still going, still good
Lunch Saturday and Sunday only, 11:30-2:30.
And a bit of a trek from Howell Mountain.

Merrill suggested this to Mike and I last year. I can verify that the food is good for a picky New Yorker (me).

Daniel, I look forward to reading your winery notes. In the old Parker days, you’re reports were always useful in trip planning. Sadly, I’ve been saving my money, and don’t have access anymore. [wink.gif]

CIA - WE had a pleasant lunch at the CIA’s restaurant in St Helena. Sat outside and looked over the beringer vineyards. Food was good but a little pricey.

Thanks a lot for the compliment! Sadly didn’t really take notes on this trip, just thoroughly enjoyed myself on a gluttonous little trip. Just a quick little recap - Dinner first night at Farm at Carneros Inn, where we were staying. Loved Farm. Tasting in the am at Outpost with Thomas, which was really special. Not a bad wine in the bunch. Lunch at Solbar, thanks to this thread - highly recommended. We loved the Lucky Pig dish. Chilled that afternoon and dinner at French Laundry. Drank all sorts of silly wines that night, and had a great experience, but after that dinner and one at Per Se, I think I’ve come to the conclusion I just don’t really get Thomas Keller. Watched the Giants Eagles game Sunday morning then headed to Sonoma for a tasting with Jamie Kutch. Really liked what he is doing, and everything he has in barrel is looking really good. Low key dinner at Petite Sirah in Sonoma, which was excellent. Tastings the next day at Benovia, KB, and Jemrose/Bevan. Benovia - loved the chards but not crazy about the Pinots. KB tasted w/ Shane Finlay who is always great. KB 2010s looking solid in what seems to be a tougher vintage than 09 for Pinot. Last tasting with Russell Bevan and Jim Mack. Both of their wines are getting better and better each year. Jim’s Viognier could be my favorite white right now. When he releases his 2010 viognier, back up the truck. Dinner that night at Cyrus. Incredible, one of the best meals I’ve had. Flawless.