Napa Cabernet Harvest

Any info as to how far along the harvest is?
Oakville vs Rutherford etc…

Spoke with a buddy who owns a vineyard in Oakville, and also a winemaker who sources from some top vineyards around the Valley, and they both said that ‘19 is looking like another ‘16 or ‘18…

Who has harvested and who is about to…what’s the timing looking like?

Weather report shows rain in Napa today.

You can keep up with harvest reports here: Napa Valley Grape Harvest Reports 2019

There’s a threat of rain tomorrow morning.

What does that mean?

#vintageofthecentury [wink.gif]

Is 2017 then the only vintage in the 2000s that is not a vintage of the century??? [scratch.gif]

Depends on who is sitting on 17s, waiting to sell. [cheers.gif]

You forgot 2011. [oops.gif]

I don’t think anyone in Napa has picked any Cabernet Sauvignon yet. And, yes, there’s a chance of rain in the forecast for Monday 9/16 but it will be light at best (less than 1/10 inch) so not likely to present a problem.

I’ll probably start picking Cabernet this week.

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Brix to me is running ahead of flavor. I am 2-3 weeks out for my first pick. No one has picked Cab yet because there is no reason to. We had 0.1 inches today. Next ten days is 77-95F. Pretty much in the catbird seat. Berries smaller than last year. Tonnage is average to average-plus. Could be a top notch, classic year. A lot can happen between now and picking though.


It is so funny that at least posters think there have been 18 vintages of the century in 20 years.

I didn’t say I agreed with the hype. neener

Most likely no one has harvested much Cabernet at all. There will be a little heat spike this week/weekend that should have a few vineyards ready to pick. Most will be 2-3 weeks out…Should be a solid year again.