Myriad Spring Syrah

I got the offer for their Syrahs and I have enough Syrah to start a butcher shop!! The two Semillions interested me. Has anyone tried either of the Semillion.
They sound interesting. Thanks in advance

In addition if anyone has any thoughts about the Syrah I would love to hear those as well. I already ordered this morning so I’m committed, but I do wonder how they compare sylistically to Mike’s Cab or to other CA Syrah producers - are they more fruit forward or restrained? It seems like he uses colder sites and incldues lots of whole cluster so I’m curious how that plays out.

Hey Doc Dave,

IMHO, Mike does his best work with Semillion. I am in for only that on this release. They are perfect wines to have in hand while manning the grill in the heat and humidity.

I bought the mixed case… been buying Myriad syrah since the 2007 vintage, and have never been disappointed.

Took a mixed case. Prefer this to Quivet and priced reasonably. Never had the Semillion but took a flyer.

Patrick - they are dense syrahs, which arent shy with the fruit, acidity and structure. Very perfumed.

Bought a bunch of the Syrah. For my palate, Mike’s Syrah varies on merely delicious to outright genius. Used to buy the Semillon but it’s a bit too rich in terms of flavor profile for me now…that said, I think both it and the Quivet Sauvignon Blanc lay complete ruin to all CA competition at the $25 price point.

Actually, I really need to try a Mike Smith Chard – has anyone ever tried the Ancillary Chardonnay?

Thanks Bill, I need your beef for that grill flirtysmile

Working on it.

$31 per shipped to TX perfect?

had one last night; it was singing:

2006 Myriad Las Madres Vineyard Syrah Carneros: this pops with bright acid, tart red fruit, olive tapenade, and leather on the finish; love this

I was pretty impressed with the Ancillary Chard and Pinot as well, and I drink mostly Burgundy/Piedmont.