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I recently purchased the Myriad Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Elysian. I sometimes see a wine referred to as Myriad Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Elysian Reserve. Are they the same wine? On my label, I was able to locate “Elysian,” but not the word “Reserve.” When I looked on the Myriad website, it referred to Myriad Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Elysian (without “Reserve”), but it just might mean they didn’t separately list a reserve wine.

Elysian is same as Elysian Reserve

PS There is an “Empyrean” too !

Thanks. Where did “Reserve” come from? Was the “Reserve” added in some older vintages and removed more recently?

This is truly the GIII version of the 2015 Myriad Crane Elysian. In a near-identical display of sophistication and finesse as the Elysian, this Empyrean carries all of the luxurious polish of the Elysian, but while still retaining the concentration of what the GIII site has to offer.

Its very easy to see where the confusion comes from as on robertparker wesite for example when RMP rated the 2014 he called it the Elysian Reserve then when Lisa Perrotti Brown rated the same wine she simply called it Beckstoffer Dr Crane Elysian. On wineseacher they also call it reserve. From what I can tell it is considered basically the reserve version of the Beckstoffer Dr Crane although it is not labeled as such. If I am mistaken anyone is more than free to correct me.

Wine names are confusing no matter what language they’re in. Progeny’s Special Selection Reserve never said that on the label because up until a few years ago that was the only Mt. Veeder Cab they had. Now they have a less expensive version (a second label - [stirthepothal.gif] ) so from 2012 or so on, they show SSR on the bottles.

Myriad has 2 Dr. Crane Cabs - the regular Dr. Crane and the Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Elysian. Not sure if Reserve is ever mentioned by Myriad, if it’s correct, or even necessary.

They also make a George III and a Beckstoffer George III Empyrian. There’s no mention of “Reserve” on that higher end bottle either.

Seems the word “Beckstoffer” is Myriad’s equivalent to “Reserve”. [cheers.gif]

Originally when I tasted the first “Elysian” out of the barrel, I don’t believe it had the name. Mike called it a Dr. Crane Reserve if I remember correctly. By the time the first offering came out, I don’t remember whether the name was Dr. Crane Reserve or Elysian. When the bottle showed up the label had Elysian on it. So my guess would be when people originally put it in cellar tracker it said Dr. Crane Reserve Elysian. Since, that time it has always just been known as Elysian.

Brian, you may have some more insight, I know you joined my group that day and tasted the wine, I just remember it be called Dr. Crane Reserve.



From my order history

Your Order
2 $125 | 2015 Myriad Cellars Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 750ml
2 $165 | 2015 Myriad Cellars Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard Elysian Reserve, Napa Valley 750ml

i think the OP’s question could have easily been answered in one response. and im a lawyer.

Mike referred to his Elysian as his Dr Crane Reserve before he finally named the wine. He does lots of barrel tasting and people picked up on that name and used it often on the boards. It’s really just redundant.

Interesting. Their website has no mention of the word “Reserve” anywhere on the page for Cabernets:

Does not matter to me what Mike names his wines… Excellent wines for the $$$… If you like them you will figuire it out quickly… [cheers.gif]

Release email

Myriad Cellars 2018 Release Schedule

2016 Myriad Beckstoffer Dr. Crane/ Elysian Cabernet
Tuesday, January 16th - Previous Buyers
Tuesday, January 23rd - Open Release

2016 Myriad Cellars Syrah/ Semillon Release
Tuesday, March 13th - Previous Buyers
Tuesday, March 20th - Open Release

2016 Myriad Cellars Portfolio Cabernet Release
Tuesday, May 1st - Previous Buyers
Tuesday, May 8th - Open Release

Here we go again!

they’re on a roll! Why stop now. Great wines all year long.

Amen to that!!!

And to throw another question into the mix… if you have only purchased the portfolio cabs, but never the Dr. Crane/Elysian cabs, are you still considered a “previous buyer” with the ability to purchase Dr. Crane on Jan 16th?

Nine bottles knocked on my door. I let them all come in.


Thanks Brian.