Mykonos wine and restaurant recs.

Hi Folks,
I got some awesome restaurant and wine tips on the Santorini wine thread.
We’ll also be in Mykonos for 5 nights in July so I’m wondering if you can recommend some casual kid-friendly restaurants around the island. We’re staying very close to the town center and we might rent a car for at least a couple days to explore the island.
Thanks in advance! [thankyou.gif]

Nammos thats all you need.

In many places without decent wine I would stick with ouzo.

Just arrived here today. Fortunately, many restaurants here serve decent wines from the rest of Greece.

Lots of beaches to choose from, ‘organized’ beaches that are like beach clubs throughout the Mediterranean coast. Nammos, Sol y Mar, Nice and Easy are ones we’ve visited in the past and will probably visit sometime this week. Sol y Mar is probably our favorite. They become night clubs at night, along with Paradise, Super Paradise, Jackie O, etc. The food is pretty good at Nammos and Sol y Mar. There are also ‘unorganized’ beaches where you bring towels and umbrellas from your hotel. Fokos is one that we like. Food is good at the adjacent Fokos Taverna.

Lots of restaurants in Mykonos Town. Some that we like are Kalita, Interni, M-eating, Sea Satin, Funky Kitchen, Koursaros, Nautilus, Uno Con Carne (seafood bar and meat), among others. All have websites. We are going to Kalita tonight.

More as it happens.

Say hi to Petros for me

2 years ago we visited Sale e Pepe in Mykonos and the wine list was really good in Italian and Greek wines. They even had Valentini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 1993 if I remember correctly.

Drank 2013 Sigalas Assyrtiko Kavalieros tonight at Interni. Maybe the greatest, most intense Assyrtiko I’ve tasted in my 7 years traveling in the Greek Islands. Just stunning.

Thank you all for the tips.
Mark, how was the food at Kalita and Interni?
The Sigalas Kavalieros sounds great. What’s the average price for something like that in a restaurant?

Kalita is consistently good. Our dinner last night at Interni was less so. It is a cool space with good drinks, but our dinner wasn’t as good as in past visits. Kavalieros was something like €50, which is toward the top end of Santorini Assyrtiko, but it is a pretty rare bird and I’d not yet tasted the '13. Neither is a child oriented restaurant, but we’ve seen more than a few at Kalita over the years, fewer at Interni. We left around 11:30, when more people were arriving than leaving. Going to Koursaros tonight, which is probably our favorite fish restaurant in town. At a new beach club today, Scorpios, which is very cool with lots of different types of spaces to lounge, but not on the beach. I bet it’s great at night. On the point adjacent to Paradise. Time for lunch, which looks excellent. The better beach clubs have very good restaurants.

Lunch at Scorpios was great.

Jero and bigger list at Nammos. Gratuity not included.
The bay at Psarou Beach seems to have as many yachts as usual.

What Grexit?

Because that’s how we roll.

We’ve glugged another few bottles of 2013 Sigalas Kavalieros over the past several days. All consistently great. Unfortunately, seemingly unavailable at US retail.